Emotional Roller Coaster  

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Uploaded: 01/26/13 3:56 PM GMT
Emotional Roller Coaster
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melodramatic title for a dramatic sky..:) It gets pixelated ao 3200{full res}, coz I used zoom, but the darkness at rt side was actual cloud cover that was at same height of coaster..and I found it interesting, though not , by any means, a great shot...


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01/26/13 4:11 PM GMT
The title fits this capture, the silhouettes against that very moody sky really makes it dramatic. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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01/26/13 7:27 PM GMT
I don't think I'd recover from this kind of 'emotional' roller coaster... ;-) It looks so exhilarating and almost menacing at the same time. I like!
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01/27/13 6:11 AM GMT
I like the sky...As for my share of "emotional roller coasters", I've been on enough of those in my lifetime to choke a Six Flags exec... :P

Nice one...Faved...
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01/27/13 11:17 AM GMT
The roller coaster in silhouette makes a good image Terri
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01/30/13 9:11 PM GMT
Whoa, that's a great action shot, you wouldn't get me on a roller coaster.
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02/19/13 7:05 PM GMT
I really like the dark clouds with the silhouette or the roller coaster, very moody and dramatic (:
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03/01/13 1:27 PM GMT
Thank you all for comments! :)
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02/27/15 8:55 PM GMT
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