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Uploaded: 04/04/04 5:25 PM GMT
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04/04/04 6:02 PM GMT
nice pic, love the depth factor
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04/04/04 6:17 PM GMT
very good...dark but not too much so...i think i would of liked some pipes in the third dimension that you didn't use, to frame the empty focus spot more but all in all very good...9/10
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-->"Art is creative flux through the human mind"
04/04/04 7:47 PM GMT
very death star. liking it lots. 10/10
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"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps"
04/04/04 9:11 PM GMT
i agree with rustectrum03... otherwise great image, 9/10
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You can observe a lot just by watching.
04/04/04 9:58 PM GMT
by the way the image is now my desktop, thanks for posting it
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-->"Art is creative flux through the human mind"
04/05/04 4:44 AM GMT
This is very cool. Is this Bryce also. It remainds me of the image of the krell onderground city from forbiden planet.
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Clayton H. Bramlett
04/09/04 3:00 AM GMT
Outstanding image Shane.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
04/20/04 6:40 AM GMT
buena perspectiva
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08/03/04 12:53 AM GMT
Nice image man! I like the highlights on the ground
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09/25/04 2:28 AM GMT
Very Cool. A little Frightening! Good job.

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" If God wanted us to fLy, He would have GiVeN us tickets! "
10/04/04 3:35 AM GMT
This one's kinda (Borg) scarey. I like it. Thanks.
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10/08/04 4:36 AM GMT
Very nice job.
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05/24/05 8:22 PM GMT
how did you do it? 3dMax?
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08/19/05 8:15 PM GMT
¡¡Excelente!! esta para mis favoritos
Excellent!! This one for my favorites
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Saludos Regards From Spain
03/13/06 3:10 AM GMT
I'm very in to the whole infinity thing. I always think of the opening shots in "Blade Runner".
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05/23/06 7:10 PM GMT
I really like the use of space in this one. I almost feel the movement through the "pipefield" I'm passing by in a monorail or something.
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Anything that happens, happens. -Douglas Adams, "Mostly Harmless"
05/07/07 4:11 AM GMT
this is so awesome. nice colors, and great perspective. great job!
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A friend of mine works in a camera store. The other day a very confused looking woman approached the counter and handed my friend a camera. She said "I took pictures, but I forgot to have film in the camera. Can you please get them out of the camera for me?"
04/09/08 4:08 AM GMT
WOW! This is Awsome!

Just caught it on the front page. Super Render!! I'm guesin Bryce. VERY COOL! and a Fav.

Also love your "In your Eye" in your gallery. Very nice work.
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02/14/11 3:45 AM GMT
Excellent work!
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