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Uploaded: 04/11/04 1:39 AM GMT
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Whether you admit it or not......... Well I did.


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04/11/04 4:11 AM GMT
LOL! Love the title and the image is pretty darn cool, it's not too bright, but a little on the busy side. It is going into my desktop folders. ( yes, I said "folders" because I am a "computer geek". Any desktop picture I download gets put on all 5 of my machines.)
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The work of art may have a moral effect, but to demand moral purpose from an artist is to make him ruin his work. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - 1832)
04/11/04 7:30 AM GMT
Well done.I like more for the round effect that not for the typing.but professional too.06/10
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04/11/04 7:42 AM GMT
this is tottaly awesome!!!
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04/11/04 7:53 AM GMT
Darn boy your getting this Bryce down. Talk about developing a still. excellent!
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Clayton H. Bramlett
04/11/04 11:49 AM GMT
Great work! I like this one a lot. Awesome colors in this. Great job!
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"I saw an angel in the marble, and carved, until I set him free." -Michelangelo
04/11/04 1:19 PM GMT
Awesome work, 09/10...
love the colours u used,
great work.
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Nobody's Perfect, And I'm nobody :p
04/11/04 6:17 PM GMT
Hummm...this is an interesting use of reflection...the light is a big harsh for me..but then I use too harsh light myself. Not a bad effort.
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-DFX - "Come away with me to a fractal sea where the digital dophins flow.
04/12/04 4:42 AM GMT
Well I think its very interesting. I dont think you can ever dissapoint me, you are just an amazing artist. 10/10
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04/13/04 4:06 AM GMT
I know, I know, still getting the lighting down. Reading about radiosity. =P
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It is bad luck to be superstitious.
04/30/04 8:44 AM GMT
Love the proportion of the image. Great light and color.
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05/07/07 11:47 PM GMT
You never cease to amaze me. I've seen nothing of yours that isn't a 10.
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06/20/07 6:49 AM GMT
Love the title, the graphic is great, and the text scrolling across is a perfect touch. ALL HAIL THE GEEKS!
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