Silk Spinning  

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Uploaded: 07/06/19 9:59 AM GMT
Silk Spinning
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I never know what to call these abstracts...a couple of my simple fractals combined together then a little color play...many thanks for viewing...on another note, I will be taking a little time away for awhile...I shouldn't be gone too long and will try to pop in occasionally to see what's going on...I do hope Saturday Night at the Movies won't be forgotten whenever someone has an image that might fit the theme...wishing all a safe and enjoyable summer...cheers!


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07/06/19 10:15 AM GMT
Hope to see you back again soon, and wish you a safe and enjoyable summer as well, SAW.
Thanks for this wonderful render. The colors are splendid while the shape/design is original and artistic.
Very well done again!
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07/06/19 2:24 PM GMT
Terrific way to take a rest for a while. Will miss you while you are gone.
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07/06/19 3:48 PM GMT
Wonderful color play in this creation, very well done. SAW, hope to see you back soon. SAS=^..^=
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07/06/19 5:17 PM GMT
Looks like the silk worms swallowed some fireworks SAW.
They were spinning their little hearts out.
Have a safe time away and I just posted a SNATM today.


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07/06/19 5:43 PM GMT
A festival of colors here. Nicely done Pt. Hope to see you back here soon.
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07/06/19 8:36 PM GMT
You left us with a bold, glowing and brilliant image Pat - Have a good time - enjoy yourself - See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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07/07/19 12:24 AM GMT
A beauty of an image - it radiates warmth and happiness - just what I need in this cold part of the world
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07/09/19 5:13 PM GMT
A fave for me with this one. Have a safe hiatus and hope to see you soon!
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