my flower garden  

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Uploaded: 06/08/03 11:29 AM GMT
my flower garden
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my little flower garden


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06/08/03 5:06 PM GMT
tres beau
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08/14/03 3:12 AM GMT
beautiful garden i love lily pads :)
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A.K.A. "Champ"
10/15/03 5:12 PM GMT
la photo est tres jolie et le jardin est magnifique
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carpe diem
11/17/03 7:50 AM GMT
Fantastique,cette photo merite beaucoup plus moi c'est un 10
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Des photos qu'il fait bon de voir et de revoir
12/18/03 5:56 PM GMT
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12/20/03 8:22 PM GMT
this is such a beautiful garden. it looks like something out of a dream!
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What would you achieve today if you knw you could not fail?
04/12/04 1:29 AM GMT
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04/28/04 9:17 AM GMT
tres bien! 10! fantastique
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05/12/04 6:59 AM GMT
this picture is very relaxing
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05/17/04 6:53 AM GMT
That is one BEAUTIFUL garden!
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09/01/04 3:06 AM GMT
I'm green with envy at your magnificent garden. All I have is a muddy backyard! If ever you're in Australia, please come and work your magic for me.

Thank you for the beautiful picture.
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10/30/04 9:47 PM GMT
What a nice garden and now a beautifull wallpaper....Thanks. And last but not least a beautifull picture.
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06/03/05 1:23 AM GMT
How beautiful! Perhaps in ten years or so my brand new pond will look like this. I'll keep this to study by
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10/17/05 10:44 AM GMT
A delightful image of your pool and plants, looks like the place to sit by and just relax. Lovely.
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03/23/07 9:25 PM GMT
Its a great picture but the woods in the backround is kind of distracting if the black wasint in the backroung it would be beter.
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I love Kodak
09/05/08 5:34 AM GMT
great photo of a beutiful garden, thanks
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A hug from Brazil!
05/23/09 1:40 AM GMT
So beautiful, I want to go there! Oh well at least I can visit it on my desktop cause that is where I put it!!
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“Peace and happiness to all, but love life” Quote by my son.
07/01/10 11:57 PM GMT
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01/24/14 9:52 PM GMT
Very beautiful - just the right amount of red - not too much
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Life is a Constant Audition

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