Sexy Curves  

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Uploaded: 07/20/15 7:40 PM GMT
Sexy Curves
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Yes, the title is an attention grabber, but then again, so it this vehicle. Automobiles from years gone by have a style accentuated by curves and lines. I guess that's why cars are always referred to in the feminine gender. I call upon our auto aficionado "jerseygurl" (Laura) to help identify this model as I was so engrossed with photo shooting, I didn't annotate the model/year. One for LE'S B/W Challenge and I encourage all to join the fun. As always, thanks for looking and leaving a comment.


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07/20/15 7:46 PM GMT
Wonderful shot of this old beauty, Doug. I would guess a Buick or a Pontiac around 1957-58 era.
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07/20/15 8:56 PM GMT
Wow such a beauty very well captured.
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07/20/15 8:59 PM GMT
A real old beauty and a very good entry for the B/W challenge Doug.
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07/20/15 9:06 PM GMT
She's sexy alright Doug - from what I could gather, she appears to be a 1958 Buick Special 4 door sedan of which 48,238 were made that year - and came with a 364 Cubic Inch engine and had that soft and ultra comfortable ride. The cars of that era had panache and style. Great shot of this baby for the B&W Doug!!!!!!!!!
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07/20/15 9:12 PM GMT
Nice Car, Doug!!!! I love the minimal framing in this shot. Well done.
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07/20/15 9:15 PM GMT
I agree with Laura - my mom had a 58' Buick and I recognized that rear quarter immediately. I was only 7 but it was a great car until it burned up! Excellent shot of the beautiful lines of this car unlike the boxes we drive now.
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07/20/15 10:32 PM GMT
A nice shot of the past. Well captured Doug.
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07/20/15 11:33 PM GMT
Your presentation, plus the post work is super, this is excellent, and glad to see it go to the challenge. tigs=^..^=
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07/21/15 12:54 AM GMT
They really had some style back in the day. It's a beauty.
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07/21/15 12:56 AM GMT
I was pretty sure it was a Buick, but that is about all. I remember seeing them when I was a kid. Beautiful black and white, Doug. Excellent for the challenge.
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07/21/15 2:18 AM GMT
Greay beauty, nothing like old cars, she looks beautiful, great shot
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07/21/15 3:04 AM GMT
Wonderful image! Great presentation...and the lighting on the windows and panels is marvelous.
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07/21/15 6:17 AM GMT
She's a bonny model Doug...

I also like the angle and composition you snapped this at... it adds a little 'tease' to let us see the rest of her!
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07/21/15 11:16 AM GMT
I agree with Bob, less is more. She is a teaser :)
Thank you so much Doug for providing this curvaceous beauty for the BWC :)
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07/21/15 5:44 PM GMT
I would say the back looks like a 55-58 Buick but the chrome on the door and quarter panel doesn't match anything I've seen in that year range. I'm stumped. Good find and nice shot.
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07/22/15 12:18 AM GMT
Wonderful sexy curves, love the shine of that car, brilliant angle and capture showing us beautiful detail of this classy car
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07/22/15 6:14 AM GMT
That is a 1958 Oldsmobile.
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
07/23/15 2:18 AM GMT
1958 Olds Super 88...
1958 Buick Special...
My memory tells me the Olds was similar to a Pontiac... but better dressed!... Like this car!
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07/24/15 8:48 PM GMT
The crop and angle of this shot really works well.
They sure made curvaceous cars make then didn't they and I'm pretty sure Marilyn Monroe would have complemented the car extremely well...
What completes the photo though, is the Black and White conversion which really shows off the contrast between the chrome and the paintwork.
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Open images at full resolution and take a few steps back...
07/26/15 10:08 AM GMT
Excellent angle here !!
Nicely captured !!!
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07/30/15 9:50 AM GMT
and sexy she is! beautiful lines and curves displayed here Doug. you've pique my interest to make it to a car show or two and give this type of shooting a shot! lets name her Chantelle, shall we? WOOZER! we men love our cars.
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