Parallel Lines Meet At Infinity  

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Uploaded: 03/15/11 11:57 AM GMT
Parallel Lines Meet At Infinity
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03/15/11 12:38 AM GMT
I like how you used the forest path and it's placement within frame.

Nice diagonal leading line that guides your viewer's eyes subtly and into/throughout.


Lil' overexposed in parts (upper parts of tree trunks, mid- and upper right).

One quick way to check for this, prior to depressing the shutter button ... is to have a look at your camera's histogram (if that functionality is available to you).


It might be possible to recover some of the details via the photographic data using/employing an editing technique as explained by Tony Kuyper's tutorial; "Luminosity Masks".

Here is the result of a quick edit using the above linked tutorial: "Parallel Lines Meet At Infinity - Applying Luminosity Mask(s)"

That said..

Good good eye.

Still a very pleasant scene to view and the upright tree trunks, in conjunction with the diagonals captures one's attention. Brought me in for a closer look, so.. mission accomplished. :o)

Thanks for sharing this scene with us. :o)

p.s. Apologies if you do not have Photoshop at your disposal. Perhaps you might be able to extrapolate on the steps/information in the tutorial and adapt them to the image editing software you do have.

And as a suggestion, include the make and model of your camera in your accompanying narratives, as this.. might provide a leaping off point for more tips, advice, et al.

Keep shooting and happy shooting. :o)
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03/16/11 4:42 PM GMT
I love the composition of this image, and the colors. Great lines and use of lines to draw the eye in!
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Silence sometimes speaks to you, and you should listen.
03/19/11 3:44 PM GMT
Les said it all. ;-) I love the 'movement' of it, and the blue of the sky beyond, contrasting with the gold of the leaves and the strong shadows... Good luck in the contest.
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