King of Diamonds II  

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Uploaded: 11/22/05 1:21 PM GMT
King of Diamonds II
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heres version 2, i'm much happier with this version. :~) stock images , one of which i failed to include in the first set are from stock xchange.the original stock for this image was compiled using these images from stock xchange.any comments/suggestions welcome ....:~)


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11/22/05 3:13 PM GMT
personally I feel that this image is more dramatic than the first one. The focus is just on one king, on one image. You also have done a great job at putting this together. The black background creates good contrast. Better Job!

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11/22/05 5:32 PM GMT
i agree, this version is much better. I prefer the sepia tone you have on the card, it gives it an antique look. This card, in comparision to the others, is very conventional in tone but that's not always a bad thing ! Your card has a well used, well loved feel to it that I find very attractive.
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11/22/05 7:52 PM GMT
The sepia tones are nice but I would rather see a crisp edge.. Those ragged edges just don't look right.. I would prefer the other version in the sepia tones..
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11/23/05 10:16 PM GMT
The textures and shading / lighting you added works out great. I kind of think those edges look really cool but I was thinking to myself: "How would that look on a card?" I guess it could work but I'm not 100% sure. ;)

I liked that the other ones seemed to just use different shades of one color-hue, sort of monochrome, it seems to me that you have combined two different hues in this one. It still looks wicked, but I think I liked it the other way. The sepia hues are a winner though. You definitely have made progress in this version. Best piece of art I've seen in a long time here. Kudos!
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11/25/05 2:19 PM GMT
Hey , i have just looked at all the drafts of this , and i must say ; this one is my favorite. Very well done.
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11/26/05 1:39 AM GMT
I really like this one. great work!
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11/26/05 10:36 AM GMT
thanx for all the comments & suggestions folks, will be looking to make improvements upon this one :~)

Klas: as for the edges on this, i simply imagined a black backdrop as it is, would work. but then its all down to the final selection :~)
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04/11/06 5:51 AM GMT
Very well done Keep up the good work
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08/18/06 6:14 PM GMT
Wow. I love this Avi.
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12/02/08 12:39 AM GMT
love the quality of the drawing...very catching.
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