Before the Storm  

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Uploaded: 08/19/03 12:12 AM GMT
Before the Storm
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Thanks to all for making this a very popular image! I had a great time making it. See more images like this at


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08/19/03 2:46 AM GMT
awesome awesome picture!!! the clouds the water the sun moons... ahh its great bravo
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§Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.§
08/19/03 7:06 AM GMT
Jeff --- welcome. Nice to have the real McCoy. Kudos.
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08/19/03 4:31 PM GMT
hey im new and i haven't seen many pictures here yet but this one is awesome. and guess what your the first one to get a comment from me. lol. don't ya feel special? =)
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whats this for? what am i supposed to write here? wow im really showing my stupidity today!
08/20/03 10:56 PM GMT
This is an AWESOME picture!! I was actually thinking (wasn't planning on making though) of doing a photo with quite a similar theme to it, but in any case, you still beat me to it. Keep up the good work!!
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-=The Beast Strikes Once Again!=-
08/21/03 5:12 AM GMT
Wow, that's quite the eyecatcher! I especially like the water, and the lightning.. that's just too cool :P
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08/21/03 5:59 PM GMT
o0o! I love this....tell me how you diiid it!

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08/21/03 8:48 PM GMT
great job, really nice atmosphere to this pic
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08/22/03 4:01 AM GMT
Very good!! Just wish it was in higher res :(
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08/24/03 1:19 AM GMT
amazing work: Almost as good as it gets to the eye with out going to the animated graphics meadia. Thanks looking forward to how far you will go.
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Clayton H. Bramlett
08/25/03 3:46 PM GMT
brilliant. 'nuff said.
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08/30/03 1:02 PM GMT
The colours and surrealistic feel about this picture is amazing
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08/31/03 9:48 PM GMT
awestruck by this pic :)
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09/09/03 10:48 PM GMT
your's are so greatly unique, awsome!!!!
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09/10/03 2:23 PM GMT
WOW! I'm speechless... and this is my new desktop!
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09/13/03 8:20 PM GMT
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09/21/03 3:33 AM GMT
Whoa man...I usually dont care for computer pix very much....but this one...Well...I have it on my desktop now LOL...this is great...I'd love to see more of your stuff...
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I love being a wallpaper junkie :-))
09/26/03 6:46 PM GMT
Very nice, very nice indeed. New wallpaper, and I dont change that often unless I find something really special. Great Job!
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09/30/03 9:12 AM GMT
wow!.........awesome visuals!
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10/01/03 5:51 PM GMT
I love this one... the lonely lightning bolt is great! =)
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10/02/03 12:38 AM GMT
this background is soooo cool i love it
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10/04/03 4:55 PM GMT
i'm speechless .... AWESOME ....
OMG!!! :D
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10/08/03 1:44 AM GMT
I don't know what else could be said about this one :)

I would really like to be able to do someting like this !
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10/12/03 2:34 AM GMT
good work, keep it up
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10/12/03 1:16 PM GMT
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10/14/03 3:32 PM GMT
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10/15/03 1:59 PM GMT
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10/20/03 11:21 AM GMT
Moodflow is the best
uve got some of the best pics on this site
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10/26/03 4:33 AM GMT
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I know this now. Every man gives his life for what he believes. Every woman gives her life for what she believes. Sometimes people believe in little or nothing yet they give their lives to that little or nothing. One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. And then it is gone. But to sacrifice what you are and live without belief, that's more terrible than dying. Joan of Arc
10/29/03 9:21 AM GMT
A breathtaking piece of work! Absolutely stunning. A picute tells a thousand words. What an imagination you have :)
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"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and all your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3
10/29/03 10:47 AM GMT
Brilliant picture!! This is the best picture I have seen on this webpage yet!! You are very talented!
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11/05/03 8:17 PM GMT
are you using the most advanced program for this there is?
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11/09/03 1:41 AM GMT
I don't jump on many bandwagons, but I have to say this one is the work of a true artist. Hope I get to see more of your stuff.
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11/16/03 12:04 AM GMT
MAN!!! i love this picture...their is somthing that is just so beutiful and magistic about this one...its so magical....i absolutly love it
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You laugh because im diffrent i laugh because you're all the same
11/16/03 12:43 AM GMT
an emoticon displaying the look of astonishment would suffice right about now.
seriously, wow....
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i can get by in life with one pair of jeans. it's been done before...
11/18/03 3:23 AM GMT
this is one of my favorites i realy like the stars and the moons they realy catch the eye
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11/18/03 5:14 PM GMT
This is wicked looks so surreal, keeps u staring at it 4 hours tryin to figure out how its done it unbelievable
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12/28/03 4:01 AM GMT
this is soooo awsome!!! the sun bursting from the clouds and the starts and everything. just cheers me up
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01/02/04 11:52 PM GMT
This is my favorite one on the whole site so far! You do great work! Keep on working!
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~Amanda :-D
01/07/04 12:44 AM GMT
its great, really really great
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01/24/04 6:24 AM GMT
One of my favorites by far
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01/27/04 9:11 PM GMT
THIS IS AWESOME and no I don't have the caps lock on!!
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- |\/|c]{inleySh -
02/14/04 5:04 PM GMT
dude, it's awesome. very creative. i most definetely give you a 10.
AWESOME. i used awesome thrice.

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02/15/04 9:39 PM GMT
this picture is other words to describe it
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02/25/04 2:20 AM GMT
AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!! I love the colors!
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Dua Git
03/03/04 6:50 AM GMT
Awesome loooking
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03/21/04 2:03 AM GMT
wow going in my Favorites
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-- Everyone’s opinion counts --
03/21/04 9:53 PM GMT
oh man, this is by far the best pic i have come across.
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"think of a number" "umm.. five" "no! your wrong"
03/21/04 10:17 PM GMT
man, i really just wanna go swimming on that beach, wouldnt that be a beautiful place to live? to bad it doesnt exist.
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"think of a number" "umm.. five" "no! your wrong"
03/29/04 1:52 AM GMT
This is just beautiful. I can just imagine myself lying on that shore with the waves lapping at my feet. It's just incredible. The colors are so brilliant and breathtaking. You need a rating above a 10 for sure.
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04/01/04 3:07 AM GMT
That really is raising the bar.
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04/01/04 6:04 PM GMT
vividly beautiful
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04/23/04 8:21 PM GMT
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t13 y0ur53lf t0 m3 5t1tch up my 3mpt1n355 cu2 y0u'r3 th3 d34th 0f m3 s0 pr3c10u5 l0v1ng th3 thr1ll
04/26/04 12:36 AM GMT
so unreal...
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04/27/04 11:28 PM GMT
wish it had a bigger resolution... :(
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05/07/04 8:40 AM GMT
Wow, this is a really great desktop. Pity it isn't avaliable in greater resolutions though. Perfect.
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05/14/04 6:56 PM GMT
I'ma gonna print this sucker off then pin it to my bedroom door... which is kinda my statement of the week... or month... or year... or whenever I get around to changing it.
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I believe in the sun even though it is slow in rising. I believe in you without realizing. I believe in rain though there are no clouds in the sky. I believe in truth even though people lie. I believe in peace though sometimes I am violent. I believe in God even though he is silent. --Unknown
05/22/04 2:23 AM GMT
if i had 10$ to my name, id buy your screen saver package, i saw ur site and it is out of this world!
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if, at the gates to heaven, you feel the need to plead extenuating circumstances, you need to rethink the word "omnipresence"
05/23/04 8:54 PM GMT
Beautiful ... thanks.
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05/24/04 4:11 AM GMT
WOW! this is a beautiful picture, great work
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"The key to immortality is first to live a life worth remembering." -bruce lee
05/27/04 4:38 PM GMT
good work
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06/18/04 4:24 AM GMT
this is beyond anything that i have seen and enjoyed. good work
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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious" --Albert Einstein
06/22/04 5:46 AM GMT
I put my hands together for you!!
Awesome picture....10/10 And in to my Favourites
/ Tommy
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07/01/04 1:34 AM GMT
wow.....<insert jawdrop smiley here> 10/10 :O
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07/07/04 1:44 PM GMT
incredible, fantastico effetto good job
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Every God must judge to me
07/21/04 5:53 PM GMT
I had this image on my desktop for the longest time. I jazzed it up a bit by using a ripple genetator to make it look like the water was flowing. It was awesome. This is one of my all time favorite images. Moodflow does outstanding work!!! You get a 10!!!
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~♥~♥~ The Beauty of One's Soul Rests Upon the Wings of a Butterfly ~♥~♥~ Vanessa
07/31/04 9:20 PM GMT
Brilliant!!!! This is great work. You are very talented.

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Error 405: Reality.sys corrupted. Universe halted. Reboot (y/n)?
08/06/04 7:27 PM GMT
Unbelievable image. How do you do it?!...
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08/13/04 9:42 PM GMT
wow thats one of the best i've seen its awesome! you rock lol
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dreams in destiny
09/16/04 10:15 AM GMT
can't give a 10 because it's too small in resolution. i need it 1280x1024 ... :/
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11/13/04 8:43 PM GMT
this is a really cool picture and i hope you will make more like it. i like the impending doom of the picture!!!
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12/19/04 9:26 AM GMT
Thats one of the best pics I've ever seen!
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Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values. - Dalai Lama
12/19/04 4:51 PM GMT
Wow. Im speachless!!!!!!!!!
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we cant depend on people and things to make us happy. only God and his love can do that!
01/12/05 10:13 PM GMT
Fantastic image - it has definitely earned its popularity.
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I'd as soon destroy a stained glass window than an artist such as yourself. --Wesley to an about to be unconcious Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride
01/21/05 12:37 AM GMT
Nice Effects!!
Cool this feeling between silence and storm :-)
Two sides for each mood you can have,
are you angry look at the left side, are you lucky then to right!
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GYC@MP, AIGAC@YP<-My Honour doesn´t accept something other :-] CeeJay D-Magic
04/16/05 4:14 AM GMT
Very neat! you really need to view full screen to see everything. This is incredible, 10 and favs.
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When your down, the only way to go is left!
05/16/05 6:11 PM GMT
that's really kewl!
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08/13/05 4:25 AM GMT
What vivid and natural colours. Nice work.
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If you're going through hell, keep going. - Walt Disney
08/30/05 9:45 PM GMT
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09/12/05 11:13 AM GMT
I love it. :)
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Nick :)
10/20/05 5:55 PM GMT
Again...make them bigger. It's not hard to make the render adjustment...suggest 1200x1600
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-DFX -
10/26/05 6:57 PM GMT
Awesome work. It's simply stunning!
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11/21/05 1:03 AM GMT
I think its a little too busy of an image. Still in my favorites!
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12/05/05 5:28 AM GMT
This is so amazing, I love looking at it. I swear, if I could, I would leave Earth, kidnap the man I love and live here. It's so beautiful, the perfect fantasy!
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04/09/06 1:34 PM GMT
WOW... Very amazing image. The stone, the water, the beach... Absolutly Perfect!!
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06/07/06 2:19 AM GMT it!
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11/27/06 8:41 PM GMT
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Waffles Make Tasty Treats
12/12/06 3:03 AM GMT
2 moons!! Ohmygad!
genius. pure Einstein of illustration.
Lovinit! ^_^
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03/10/07 4:03 AM GMT
Not sure what to add to that... OK, English would just be repetitive...
Gwych ydy eich llun chi. Lliwiau hyfryd, seren a dwr ardderchog... mae popeth yn gwych. Gwaith ardderchog!

- cfr
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04/25/07 4:54 PM GMT
these are so cool!~
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05/24/08 12:26 AM GMT
a lot fot one picture

but nice how you put it together
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