Purple Oval for bjb  

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Uploaded: 06/08/04 11:46 PM GMT
Purple Oval for bjb
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I know how fond of oval forms bjb is, and I like purple, so here is the result!


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06/09/04 1:22 AM GMT
Nice one mum, and a great gift for a deserving artist. I like the light reflection on the raised veins. Gives an excellent 3d perception~
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~My select image - Summer Magic
06/09/04 1:46 AM GMT
She'll like this one. She has her corners. Nicely done Mum.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
06/09/04 2:02 AM GMT
Well, Sally is certainly correct and Josh is very kind. I have my corners. More importantly, I have an image I adore from an upfront, classy, artist I adore. My oval world is much more fun than ever now. I'm very happy you put what you love into it too Mum. I find it to be a healing image as all your gifts to me have been. I'm not sure where that beautiful lavender leads me, but I'm ready to go find out as it immediately goes to my desktop. ;) I also love the backround from which it came. There just isn't anything I don't LOVE about it. Thank you so much. 10/F and beyond.
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B.J. ;)
06/09/04 5:45 AM GMT
Marvellous work and gesture for a kind lady, and great artist.Beautiful colors.I like it.10/10and in my favorits.Nice!!Mum.
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Carpe diem --- I support and thanks everyone.---
06/09/04 6:57 AM GMT
Wow Mum! I love the way it spirals down...really captures the eye! A lovely lavender image for a lovely lady from a lovely lady. It doesn't get much better than that! Great work. Thank you Mum.
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"You can observe a lot just by watching"-Yogi Berra
06/09/04 7:06 AM GMT
Wow, great the tunnel look and the steam coming off the frosty mug look. Wonderful Mum:-)
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06/09/04 3:27 PM GMT
Very nice dedication Mum. You did a great job. It reminds me of a seashell, and purple is one of my favorite colors. Keep up the great work!
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** Nicky **
06/09/04 6:02 PM GMT
Beautiful image, Mum, and a lovely gift from one gracious lady to another. :)
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Mary in Montana
04/27/05 4:08 AM GMT
Lovely, lumiescent purple oval. Nice desktop, thank-you.
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05/11/06 10:01 PM GMT
I like purple too! In my favorite shades. Luminous and beautiful work.
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