Door Bell  

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Uploaded: 07/16/04 12:48 AM GMT
Door Bell
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Dlds: 2030
Status: active

Another render using the same constructed image as my last post (different angle, new lighting). I thought this had its own personality though... :)


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07/16/04 1:50 PM GMT
Looks like a spinning top!
Nice Job Mum.
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"I'm Walking On Sunshine!"
07/16/04 2:17 PM GMT
Good one Mum. I really like that metallic sheen.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
07/16/04 2:27 PM GMT
Nice render mum42 - I agree with kileychristine, the metallic textures are awesome!
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...1 2 3 4 .......<-☺.|.☻->
07/16/04 3:42 PM GMT
Beautiful and nice work!! i like it,mum.
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Carpe diem.
07/16/04 7:09 PM GMT
Beautiful render, Mum...well conceived image and aptly titled. Top marks and Faves. :)
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Mary in Montana
07/18/04 4:42 AM GMT
Nice. Like a very modern door bell. Thanks for sharing.
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always try your best. Look at my new picture Spike`s connections.
07/31/04 6:22 AM GMT
Great image! I love this image - great composition.
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A thing is not beautiful because it is is beautiful because one likes it. (Bruno Munari)
10/02/05 1:53 PM GMT
Wow! Beatiful textures, and color palette used in this one. I love the shininess. Keep up the excellent work! =]
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10/19/05 5:10 PM GMT
Great color palette. Very pleasing. Great job.
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"Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we will be able to treat life as art." ~Maya Angelou
01/21/06 1:31 PM GMT
mum42 love your design and colours
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01/01/07 7:04 AM GMT

This looks great! I like the colours and the design. I am glad that the sphere isn't in the middle, it gives the image a modern kind of feel to it. I wonder what sound it would make. Hmmmmm.........

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12/03/09 10:21 PM GMT
i like it
the colors go well together
the 3d effect is cool
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oh no
06/23/13 6:03 PM GMT
Saw this on the Homepage...Cool design...Faved...
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