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01/01/70 12:00 AM GMT
Beautiful..this is where I wish to be most work days.


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03/29/02 5:02 AM GMT
It feels peaceful and quiet...almost too quiet.
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04/15/02 1:33 AM GMT
The moon is pretty... maybe we'll actually get to go there some day... Dirty liars, telling everyone we've been to the moon. Sure. What about the Gaviston radiation belts that encircle the planet??? And the technology? We have more computer power now in a Gameboy than they used to launch the space shuttle.
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04/19/02 10:00 AM GMT
I think itīs Copernicus in the middle of the picture
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04/21/02 7:29 PM GMT
Everything it s God s Creation and it is wonderful
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05/05/02 10:46 AM GMT
Let us bless all God's creations
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05/29/02 5:40 AM GMT
lets not
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05/29/02 9:30 PM GMT
hey man lets all bless gods creations!!!! yeh nice one !!
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06/26/02 3:16 PM GMT
Mindbleeder -

Didn't have the computer power to go to the Moon?

Well, we built the Atomic Bomb with 'Vacume tube' technology. Or maybe the Atomic bombings of the two Japanise cities were just Hollywood special effects.
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08/19/02 2:49 PM GMT
Calm down you mardy lot. Nice moon though. Assuming it is the moon of course.
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11/14/02 6:09 AM GMT
It looks like a cherry. Mabey the government took a picture of a cherry and dyed it grey...
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12/15/02 11:51 PM GMT
very clean, good crisp image.
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12/25/02 5:50 AM GMT
takes me back to the womb, man! like i've been there before. sometimes i dream of being there. my dad was a hippie!
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06/08/03 2:49 AM GMT
that is really a once in a lifetime experience, and looking at it through a picture is amazing, imagion in realy life, taking that picture............
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07/18/03 11:29 PM GMT
i`ve been a space freak since my 5th. i love these pictures, makes me feel so peaceful and quiet. imagen you are standing on that surface. no sign of humanity, only you. you can see or walk so far but nothing but rocks and dust. i would do anything to be there once now its still so inhabitated.
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08/23/03 3:14 AM GMT
This scene is so alien and hushed. I like it.
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11/02/03 5:14 PM GMT
Amazing picture. Looking at this, and seeing the size of the two largest creators fills me with a sense of awe and fear. Whatever created
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11/02/03 5:16 PM GMT
Amazing picture. Looking at this, and seeing the size of the two largest creators fills me with a sense of awe and fear. Whatever created those craters must of been frightening. I try to imagine the impact and what that must of looked like...

No wonder the moon is a dead planet.
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12/09/03 3:20 AM GMT
Very nice.
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12/26/03 6:39 PM GMT
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12/27/03 12:36 AM GMT
Perfect for left side icons, but in a much more natural way than some. Very cool.
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03/15/04 8:56 PM GMT
Well...nothing to say...Perfect...which camera did NASA use? a digital one? ;)
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-Pick a goal and care about the place you are at- Cem Karahan
03/31/04 1:35 AM GMT
Really cool
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03/31/04 3:45 AM GMT
Nice composition for a moon desktop. Looks old.
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05/08/04 5:58 AM GMT
I like how close up it is.
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02/04/05 12:31 AM GMT
Great persective of the moon. I'm tired of all the birds eye views of it. This gives a feeling of flying by it or something. also, its funny when you hear people talking about how the landing on the moon never happened, but yet with a high powered telescope from your backyard, you can see the different different things left behind, like rover tracks.
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05/15/05 8:41 PM GMT
Awesome picture, thanks for this, its now my desktop.

To mindbleeder and everyone else who still thinks we never were on the moon (are there more out there? i thought it wast just my grannie), just find a strong enough laser and bounce it from one of these buddies.
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01/12/06 4:36 PM GMT
And in the underground is a Ufo ! Nice ! This is the best wallpaper for my desktop. Can see not the Ufo but is definite after the Moon. You can me not believe and i can this too not believe...
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