Prelude To A Dream  

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Uploaded: 10/11/04 12:23 AM GMT
Prelude To A Dream
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Sky series - My peace depends on my strength, my hope, my love, my ability to dream. And I am limited only, by the confines of the universe, that embrace my heart.


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10/11/04 4:28 AM GMT
Beautiful image and amaring colors.Good shot and nice title.Well done,Neez.
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Carpe diem.
10/11/04 8:55 AM GMT
Very cool :) I like this a lot.
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10/11/04 1:41 PM GMT
Just lovely Neez. Love the way the sun is just behind that dark sky.
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~Smiler's never lose and frowner's never win~
10/11/04 2:28 PM GMT
what a wonderful capture the sky seems to display such character very impressive
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- pixels are only the beginning unless you started at the end - Gaz :-)
10/11/04 8:06 PM GMT
I like this too.very nice.
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10/12/04 12:58 AM GMT
aku suka gambar2 neez abisnya cantik2
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10/12/04 6:33 AM GMT
Many thanks friends for all the comments. :)
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~Let it be as it is desired~
10/12/04 8:10 PM GMT
This is lovely, neez. I love your work, and this is another great example. The light and the clouds have an expectancy in them that makes me think something - a storm, a dawn, an epiphany - is about to happen.
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ж Regmar ж
10/28/04 6:28 AM GMT
Some body call 911..... da sky is burnin..................................................... great job.... cool.... Fantastic... and bombastic
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When ya smile, da world seems to smile with ya !
11/06/04 3:15 AM GMT
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11/06/04 3:15 AM GMT
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03/25/05 2:18 PM GMT
this loooks so mad 2 b ther lookn at that musta been orgasmic lol
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06/28/05 4:24 AM GMT
I would comment on this photo...but I am too busy trying to tear my eyes away from it.
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If I could reach up and hold a star, for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky, would be in the palm of my hand.
06/29/05 11:20 PM GMT
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Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.---Song of Solomon 8:7
03/23/06 11:18 PM GMT
Powerful........... like the use of filter to enhance........
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11/02/06 4:23 PM GMT
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11/14/06 2:45 AM GMT
simply stunning, amazing clouds and great focus clarity and everything all around well done , @ATEN@
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see you on the other side
05/04/07 12:32 AM GMT
Gorgeous sky, I just find that one bush in the middle is a little distracting. Still awesome though.
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07/04/07 3:32 AM GMT
Wow! Amazing colour and lighting. Fabulous photo! Thanks for sharing.
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