Prime Evil  

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Uploaded: 05/05/06 7:25 PM GMT
Prime Evil
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Bryce...Tell me what you think.


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05/05/06 8:49 PM GMT
I think this totally rocks Nigel. You are creating some very impressive images my young friend. Love it!!!!
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05/05/06 8:58 PM GMT
Very neat. Looks like an optical illusion - I can't tell if the tunnel is going to the left or the right. The colors and design are pretty interesting also. Nice work!
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05/05/06 10:31 PM GMT
Thats not funny! lol. Its very good. Is this two images combined or something in one image i cant tell. Great work (*sarcastically* how unusual)
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05/06/06 2:19 AM GMT
Very different from what I'm used to seeing from Bryce. Very very cool work on your part, Nigel. This is one fantastic image ! Rock on !
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05/06/06 11:30 AM GMT
Thanks guys!
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05/06/06 11:56 AM GMT
Nigel, this is very cool! Very menacing, I love the reflection on the bottom ~ Jen
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05/06/06 5:36 PM GMT
yes now this is your best bryce yet! nicely done!
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05/07/06 8:45 AM GMT
Love it! the colour and quality of the image is excellent. and i love the reflection.
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05/07/06 12:26 AM GMT
Thanks Jen, Andrew and David!
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Unity through faith - Strength through unity Check this out!
05/20/06 6:50 PM GMT
Nice art,nigel
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05/20/06 11:17 PM GMT
Hey Nigel. This is way cool dude... I like how the point of colors on the right blend into the sharple defined red circle. And the hint of reflection at the bottom is great. Superbly done ....Bill
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09/30/06 1:27 AM GMT
This is too cool!
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