Bryce Glow II  

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Uploaded: 03/24/04 11:33 PM GMT
Bryce Glow II
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Photo of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. The morning mist was refracting through the camera lens, causing a rainbow effect - which I heightened through Photoshop's levels command. Permission granted for use as a desktop wallpaper as long as the copyright noticed remains affixed.


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03/25/04 12:16 AM GMT
pretty cool. for some reason it reminds me of a Final Fantasy world. Good Job!
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03/25/04 5:18 AM GMT
Very surreal. Nice job.
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03/25/04 12:01 AM GMT
Woh,beautiful image.
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carpe diem.
04/06/04 3:04 PM GMT
Really worderfull image! It's appear as a magic vision.

Good work!

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05/23/04 1:37 AM GMT
Been there many times thanks for the reminder of the beauty
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06/22/04 5:01 AM GMT
Very nice photo - great lighting. The magic hours really are magic. What program did you use to generate your boarder?
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07/20/04 10:38 PM GMT
I use Photoshop 8. I took a couple of colors in the photograph and used Photoshop's render clouds filter.
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09/28/04 1:21 PM GMT
wow....super gorgeous...:)
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Ange "If you can't walk, crawl. If you can't crawl, find someone to carry you." Firefly
02/01/05 5:41 PM GMT
Nice Nice :)Nice job
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06/09/05 10:57 PM GMT
...fabulous photograph!... the delicate rainbow glows create such a delicate and fantastical effect upon an already extraordinary vision...
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06/10/05 3:58 AM GMT
Thank you so much! Have a great day.
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07/08/05 12:27 AM GMT
Oh my this is beautiful and breathtaking...really nice capture!!
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'Truth is like a two-sided sword it cuts deep.' - Bono Come to my Gallery.
07/08/05 12:28 AM GMT
That is really something. So beautiful to look at.
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07/08/05 2:06 PM GMT
Thank you.
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11/30/05 8:02 PM GMT
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06/04/06 7:11 PM GMT
I just did a doubletake, couldn't believe what I am seeing. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!
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06/06/07 6:46 PM GMT
that is a pretty good shot.i was out there a couple of years ago and the rock forms are simply amazing. when did you take the photo? in the morning or afternoon?
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06/06/07 6:48 PM GMT
It's a morning shot looking into the sun.
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