King's Weave  

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Uploaded: 11/08/04 3:13 PM GMT
King's Weave
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Fraxplorer fractals blended in Photoshop makes for a wonderful, muted destop with intricate patterns and texture. Look at this full size (1600x1200) to appreciate the fine detaling. Enjoy.


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11/08/04 7:56 PM GMT
that is both creepy and very unique. i like dark subtle artwork. one of the things it does to me is leave alot open for imagination.
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11/08/04 10:05 PM GMT
Beautiful.... love the dark colours.. and the design... very nice Nathan...
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11/09/04 4:14 AM GMT
Awesome. I like the depth and the colors are very soothing. I could stare at this for a long time.
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11/14/04 6:47 AM GMT
It takes a minute at full-view to get the full effect of this one. Great depth to it.
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I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. Georgia O'Keeffe
11/15/04 1:58 PM GMT
This looks like some really expensive cloth. I love it.
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05/04/05 9:59 PM GMT
Agree with Bj Nathan, great depth, a wonderfullly warm fractal, very subdued colours for Cheer Al.
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09/02/05 4:40 AM GMT
excellent. its like a lysergic tapestry.
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09/02/05 12:21 AM GMT
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09/03/05 4:13 PM GMT
i like it but its a bit dark for my taste. i agree with an earlier comment about it looking like expensive fabric and i really like the effect.
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11/19/07 10:54 PM GMT
This reminds me of velvet. Very pretty!

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