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Fractal and Photoshop play. The thumbnail really doesn't do this one justice. You need to see it full size to appreciate why I named it Liquidity. Please take a moment and leave a comment. Thank you! By the way, there's also a version 2 of this. My wife liked version 1 better, so I acquiesced to her good tastes. :) But I like version 2 better. :)


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05/23/05 9:18 AM GMT
Lovely design... the colours are great really like the centre piece... very smooth.. great work Nathan.. I can see how it got its name... :D
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05/23/05 10:29 AM GMT
Beautiful jewel tones, Nathan. A good depth to the image, as well. Is the gem, so light that it is rising to the top, or beginning to sink under its own weight? I really like the neon brightness you bring to the outer rim.
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05/23/05 12:57 AM GMT
Another pretty one .. Love the jewel, and the colors..
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05/23/05 3:56 PM GMT
Very beautiful Nathan...gorgeous colours!
I like both versions...can't say which one I prefer though...well done ^_^
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PrettyFae x...Spread the Passion...
05/23/05 8:45 PM GMT
Thanks Jacqueline, Alexis, Morwyn, Fae, and Mario. Appreciate your comments.
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05/23/05 10:27 PM GMT
Geez Nathan...THAT is a tough call...version 1 or 2...both are gorgeous, it's kind of like "do I want fries with that?" its one of those decisions that I am sure will change with my I am slightly more partial to your choice, but gosh...this one is so beautiful too!!!
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05/24/05 12:30 AM GMT
Thanks, Jenn. I feel kind of the same way - depends on the mood I'm in. Alexis says I should take the background of version 2 and put it with the foreground of this one. That would be interesting, too. I've got about 12 different versions of this so far. :) Really appreciate your comments.
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05/24/05 2:25 AM GMT
They are both beautiful, but I think I like version 2 the best!
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05/24/05 2:57 AM GMT
Love it Nathan! Another fine job!
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( /-\ |= |) |= $
05/24/05 3:47 AM GMT
Thank you Nancy and Randy. Pleased you enjoyed them.
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05/26/05 2:05 PM GMT
Fun to play with all kind of versions!
You did fantastic as usual!
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I'm walking on sunshine! Webshots
05/26/05 2:12 PM GMT
Thanks, June.
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05/28/05 4:09 AM GMT
Hi Dad!
Awesome picture, I absolutely love the colors. I also like your new (old) id photo. Thats you at the grandcanyon, isn't it?
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05/28/05 5:19 AM GMT
Thanks, Rachael. Yep, that's me at the Grand Canyon.
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05/28/05 5:42 AM GMT
I have to agree with your wife, I absolutely love this version of this image. The colors are outstanding against the black background and it looks like it is floating in deep space. I love this!
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07/29/05 7:02 PM GMT
This is great! I like the colors and the design! This made my favorites.
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07/29/05 7:12 PM GMT
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11/23/07 7:36 PM GMT
Very pretty!

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11/23/07 10:49 PM GMT
Thank you, Amber.
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