Flowers and Leather  

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Uploaded: 05/29/05 12:07 AM GMT
Flowers and Leather
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No fractals this time. Just pure Photoshop play. Hope you enjoy.


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05/29/05 12:28 AM GMT
Another terrific wallpaper. There's no mistaking one of your images Nathan. Cool rainbow colored flower. Would make for a good photo album cover! =0)
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05/29/05 12:48 AM GMT
I see you are in your "delicate" mood , this is so gentle and soft and delicate of course! Great Wpr Nathan you have done it again!:0))!!
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05/29/05 12:52 AM GMT
Absolutely lovely!!!!!!
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05/29/05 2:56 AM GMT
Gorgeous work Nathan.. the multicolour looks great with the brown... lovely...
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05/29/05 6:16 AM GMT
This is marvellous,Nathan.
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Carpe diem....
05/29/05 6:20 AM GMT
Agree with Dixie, a good photo album cover !
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05/29/05 7:26 AM GMT
Nathan you've outdone yourself here. This is really stunning. 10 form me, in my favorites and on me desktop.

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05/29/05 9:18 AM GMT
Ohhhh I cant wait til my Photoshop arrives!! wooohoooo!! I wonder if I could EVER do something s beautiful as you have done here???!! The colours are just amazing!
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05/29/05 9:24 AM GMT
Wow, Nathan...another beautiful image!
I love the earthy tones of the background :D
I really want CS now >:(
Hehe, great job, well done!
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PrettyFae x...Spread the Passion...
05/29/05 2:22 PM GMT
Nathan, I agree also - this would make a perfect photo album cover! This is so elegant looking - very nice!
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05/29/05 7:05 PM GMT
Now that is what I was talking about, great idea!
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05/30/05 2:13 AM GMT
Excellent Nathan, I like the earthy leather look, and it makes a very nice desktop with room for Icon...
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05/30/05 4:22 AM GMT
You are really doing well with these simple backgrounds, its just not that simple though, which is why your art is amazing. 10/10 and keep up the good works ;)
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05/30/05 4:26 PM GMT
Thank you. I'm pleased you enjoyed this one. I liked how the leathery texture turned out. If any of you want to try it, here's the basic procdure. 1) Create a new layer in Photoshop and fill it with a black to white gradient. 2) Do FILTERS - RENDER - DIFFERENCE CLOUDS, then IMAGE - ADJUSTMENTS - HUE/SATURATION and click on the colorize checkbox, and set it to a muted warm color. 3) Create another new layer and follow the same steps as before (pick a slightly different color) - but set this layer to overlay or one of the other blending modes. Play around with the opacity until it looks right. You might continue a couple more times until you get a look and feel you like. Once you're happy - flatten the image and save it as a .psd (Photoshop document). To give it some texture, do FILTER - TEXTURE - TEXTURIZER and choose your .psd file you just saved to apply texture to it. Enjoy.
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06/02/05 4:32 AM GMT
copied and pasted into my brain ...thanks
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06/02/05 11:16 AM GMT
Hi Nathan,
Just perfect!..............Top marks!
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06/02/05 12:29 AM GMT
Thanks, Keith and John.
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06/03/05 4:44 PM GMT
An on-line "hands on" course, very good Nathan!
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06/04/05 12:30 AM GMT
That is very good work and into my favorites it goes
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06/14/05 5:20 PM GMT
This is so beautiful! Makes an excellent desktop!
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06/27/05 1:31 AM GMT
Thank you, Paul, Keith, and Cindy.
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07/29/05 7:08 AM GMT
How was this made in Photoshop, is there a rendering program in Photoshop to make this? Very nice for a desktop by the way.
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03/07/06 6:13 PM GMT
Nice! I love the colors and texture!
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09/09/06 7:50 PM GMT
VERY creative!!!!
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09/10/06 9:26 PM GMT
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10/28/06 5:15 PM GMT
That's realy nice!
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