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All shades of flesh in the world form a beautiful tapestry of color and culture. When all work together for one another's good they give mankind wings to fly. This is my wish for the world. Have a great day, my friends.


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06/18/05 8:35 PM GMT
This is awesome, Nathan! I share your wish for the world and think this is a superb representation of mankind's wings!
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06/18/05 8:47 PM GMT
I also share your wish for the world. Very special thought behind this perfect creation. Thanks for sharing.
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"Little dreams cost the same as big dreams, so why not dream big"?
06/18/05 10:00 PM GMT
Very pretty, Nathan ^_^
Plonk on two eyes, a nose, mouth and ears....and hey presto!...A lion! :D
Hehe, excellent work, well done!
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06/18/05 10:04 PM GMT
Beautiful work.. Wonderful wishes..
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06/18/05 10:27 PM GMT
yep - this one is good too. You never cease to amaze me Nathan. Beautiful work as usual.
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06/18/05 10:45 PM GMT
Gorgeous .... lovely colours and a wonderful description agree with you... =D
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"I wrote your name on a piece of paper but by accident I threw it away... I wrote your name on my hand but it washed away... I wrote your name in the sand but the waves whisked it away.... I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay........."
06/19/05 1:07 AM GMT
Although you have so many beautiful images on this site, this one is definately one of my all time favorites...I love the color scheme, the pattern...and let me say, it is really HARD to choose just ONE favorite of your work, as many tie for that position, and, for me, this is right there with Black Opal. I LOVE IT!!!!
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Look to the Future, Remeber the Past, but Live in the Present, and Never forget to tell those you love "I Love You", you may not get another chance.
06/19/05 2:23 AM GMT
Thanks everyone! Well, Fae, now that you mention it, I could make a lion out of it, huh? Fun. Appreciate all your kind comments.
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06/19/05 1:43 PM GMT
An idealistic sentiment beautifully represented with your art.
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We make a living by what we get; but we make a life by what we give.
06/19/05 4:31 PM GMT
All of your work is wonderful. This is no exception. What a wonderful way to represent your hopes for the world. 10/10
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People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built. Eleanor Roosevelt
06/19/05 5:15 PM GMT
Nice image, and profound thoughts to go with it.
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius ................. Pieces to Ponder : Magneato Shift (Collaboration), The Barrier, Strange Dreams
06/19/05 8:50 PM GMT
Real beauty, pure and simple and full of signification! Very well done Nathan!:0))!
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06/19/05 11:39 PM GMT
Thank you so much, everyone. I really enjoy and appreciate your comments.
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06/20/05 7:54 AM GMT
Wow this is really good.i think the best part of this picture is how you've put the colours togeather.Plus the great ball in the middle.How could I not give it a 10/10 you deserve it.
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Kittens are cute...artwork is neat.Do you like my icon?Because if you do please comment on it i think it's sweet.
06/21/05 10:06 AM GMT
Knew it was yours the second I saw the thumbnail. Lovely image and great warm colors. Nicely done as always!
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06/22/05 5:38 AM GMT
Yep, I knew it was yours too! And I thought it was beautiful. But then I read your thoughts to go with this and it became even more special! Thanks, Nathan, for adding to the beauty of my day!!
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Whatever you are, be a good one. -Abraham Lincoln
06/23/05 3:19 PM GMT
On the wings of love, I can hear the song in my head now.
Lovely image Nathan.
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"A picture is worth a thousand words"
06/23/05 3:36 PM GMT
Thank you, my friends. Appreciate your comments.
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06/25/05 2:18 PM GMT
Beautiful work and words Nathan. Cheers Al.
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The beer urges me on, the bewitching beer, which sets even a wise man to singing and to laughing gently and rouses him up to dance and brings forth words which were better unspoken. Homer, The Odyssey (note: beer substituted for wine)
06/27/05 1:15 AM GMT
Thank you, Al.
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06/27/05 4:30 PM GMT
Simply Awesome!!! Your best yet Mr. Smith! Fantastic 1st Class job. Love it!! 10/10
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Whatever you imagine is reality.
06/27/05 5:43 PM GMT
Thanks, James.
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06/27/05 5:55 PM GMT
Hi Dad,
I love the colors you've picked for this one. I bet it's fun to see through the range of hues in photoshop. Cool picture. See you friday!
Love, Rachael
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06/27/05 5:57 PM GMT
Thanks, Rachael. When are you going to post some of your work here? :)
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06/27/05 9:51 PM GMT
When I have time. I would love to have hours just to generate fun stuff, but you know how it is....
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07/20/05 6:49 AM GMT
This is really GREAT! I follow your work and just from the thumbnail I knew it was yours! Great work! Thanks for sharing!
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A coeur valliant, rien impossible! 'To a valiant heart, nothing is impossible'!
08/12/05 1:48 AM GMT
This piece is so striking! I love the colors. It just glows. Beautiful!
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08/23/05 4:48 AM GMT
This looks great, I like the colors a lot in this one, the design is great! Great job!
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What you never expect to happen, will always happen.-Alex
08/23/05 1:22 PM GMT
Thanks. It was fun to do this. I had Photoshop's Pantone color swatches open to color in the design - it was like being a kid with one of those huge boxes of crayons. All those beautiful color choices. :)
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10/28/05 2:28 PM GMT
magnificent food for the soul
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12/16/05 1:11 PM GMT
Excellent work, beautifully done. ++++
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03/17/06 1:06 AM GMT
Dude, this is awesome too... only one thing... If I put it on my desktop... I wouldn't want to cover it up...
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04/25/08 2:41 AM GMT
Wings of Fire! Faving it!
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Some mornings it doesn't pay to chew through the leather straps...<br>Emo Philips<br>
07/31/08 1:33 PM GMT
What said : Wonderful job !!!!
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06/01/09 3:33 AM GMT
Nice color and I like the hint of tribal-ness it has!
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07/21/16 1:10 PM GMT
Saw this on the Homepage...Nice job!

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