On a different note...  

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Uploaded: 09/26/05 9:58 PM GMT
On a different note...
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09/26/05 10:37 PM GMT
Nice note Nathan..........can ya sing it??
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A woman is like a never know how strong she is till she gets in hot water !!
09/27/05 4:54 AM GMT
Outstanding Nathan!
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09/27/05 9:45 AM GMT
I like the two siblings that can't sing and have been pushed aside by their mother who's living her life through her child .... but I digress ... (*keith makes a jutting motion with his chin*) .. I mean the two little blue ones up there
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You must be this tall ----> to ride the ride *
09/30/05 3:19 AM GMT
This is beautiful Nathan. Love the funky design. Like a musical note!!
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11/02/05 12:06 AM GMT
Simply beautiful Nathan. Always love your work. Sarah
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Hi I'm Sarah. My motto is if you like cats, you can't be ALL bad. :)
11/07/05 7:34 AM GMT
cool fractal. I like the shapes!
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11/14/05 3:22 AM GMT
Phenomenal work! This piece shows such a deep understanding of Photoshop that I'm stunned.

The artistic concept is first rate too. Definitely a 10 from me.
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What nourishes me, destroys me
11/14/05 3:24 AM GMT
Thank you so much!
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12/07/05 5:33 AM GMT
Wow that's Cr@zE' c()()L

Looks like you have fun with that one!
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Are you the universe looking at yourself through the mirror of the human eye?
05/26/06 3:59 AM GMT
Very cool, very different, great colors, and the glassy and metallic look is spot on. Fine job.
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If God lived on earth, people would break his windows. Jewish Proverb........ My Gallery
08/16/06 2:44 AM GMT
Well it looks great, but for me as a large screen user the dark bar in the right half of the picture (the one which crosses the Blending effect)...well it has steps in it that somehow disturb the great shape of the picture, maybe you can change that?

That's really the only little point of critizism I can find, great work!
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08/16/06 2:15 PM GMT
I don't mind the critique at all - in fact, I welcome them. Thanks for taking the time to comment and compliment.
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11/06/06 11:10 PM GMT
and what a beautiful note! :)
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11/06/06 11:18 PM GMT
Very Jazzy! Not a pixel out of tune in this composition! Wonderful Idea superbly developed!
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07/26/08 7:14 PM GMT
Nice , beautiful & a great jobe !!!
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