Compass of the Soul  

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Uploaded: 11/24/05 2:44 AM GMT
Compass of the Soul
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This image combines four Tierazon fractals, blended and colored in Photoshop CS, along with Photoshop pen tool work, styles, and jewels. Hope you enjoy it. I liked coming up this this color scheme. An unlimited-time commercial right to create scarves from this image has been purchased by the STDiamond Company in the Ukraine. All other rights to this image are retained by the artist, Nathan Smith. You have permission to use this image for personal use as a desktop wallpaper.


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11/24/05 2:57 AM GMT
Cool, Let me be the first to say "Way to go". Ok way to go!!
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Capturing for infinity that which only lasts for a moment.
11/24/05 3:09 AM GMT
Yup, I can honestly say, I enjoy this !! Love that soft color palette, sometimes it's nice not to have a fractal that's in your face.Excellent work, as always Nathan, thanks !
Have a Happy Thanksgiving !
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Two wrongs don't make a right, three lefts do.
11/24/05 3:19 AM GMT
Did you make stained glass windows in a past life? Very nice.
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11/24/05 3:36 AM GMT
wow!! this looks just like the windows of a church...except the colors are much lighter like. great job on this!
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11/24/05 4:18 AM GMT

Utterly stunning.
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion- Get involved in the Artist of the week!
11/24/05 4:29 AM GMT
it's as vivid as the rainbow and as glorious as the sun :)
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The world is most beautiful in its most naive form...
11/24/05 4:45 AM GMT
I quite like this one - it is very soft and delicate.
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Never give up. “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” John Quincy Adams
11/24/05 5:25 AM GMT
Wow! Nathan,! You just blow me away! You should really be making money on art this good!..=)
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"A man who limits his interests, limits his life." -Vincent Price - My Gallery
11/24/05 6:02 AM GMT
OMG....what beautiful colours and shapes!! It gets bad when you have to top even your OWN self....with better creations, doesnt it my friend??!! You have to find higher highs and challenges galore..but knowing you, you will do it...I sooooo much enjoy all that you do..Thank you so very much Nathan for all the lovelies you present here!!! And YESSS I agree, you coud and should be making money with your creations !!! verena
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My part is to improve the present moment.....
11/24/05 6:59 AM GMT
Another awesome piece of work Nathan... love the delicate colours, very pretty design, love it..
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"I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination" / Jimmy Dean
11/24/05 11:56 AM GMT
Beautiful work!! Great job!!
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11/24/05 2:41 PM GMT
Thank you for the wonderful comments, compliments, and votes. I'm really pleased you enjoyed this.
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11/24/05 2:47 PM GMT
I never cease to be amazed by the beauty of your creatons.. You are truly a master of your art.
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One bead at a time
11/27/05 4:10 AM GMT
I like this the best of the 2. Nice wintery colors that fall into my favorites. Lovely work Nathan.
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"Little dreams cost the same as big dreams, so why not dream BIG"
11/27/05 5:29 PM GMT
Absolutely love this one. I'm not very much into these kinda pics but this on is on my desktop at the moment :) thanx!
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Live every day as if it's your last... and take pictures of it ;)
11/27/05 5:39 PM GMT
Thank you, Marietha, Lauren, and Ann!
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11/28/05 12:30 AM GMT
Wow, amazing work as usual!! Came across this one and knew it had to be yours! Always impressing me - such a beautiful design!
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Life is a series of delicious deleriousness! Here is my current literary work.
11/30/05 5:43 AM GMT
=-O OMG i love this image. it is so cool. it rates among my most favorite images ever 10/10
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I am able to BE, to BEAR, to DO, or DARE, all things through Christ who strengthens me, every day of my life.
12/01/05 6:14 AM GMT
I like how your images seem to be part of another universe more elegant and refined than our own.

Tasteful and very skilled work as always. Thanks for sharing.
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What nourishes me, destroys me
12/02/05 2:06 AM GMT
Lovely work my friend.It looks like a fractal Fabrege!!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
12/02/05 2:08 AM GMT
I love these jewel fractals. I wish i could make them 10/10
from me
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Nick :)
12/02/05 8:00 PM GMT
Thanks :)
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12/27/05 12:58 AM GMT
Wonderful job! I really enjoy your work.
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01/14/06 1:36 AM GMT
This is beautiful, very realistic looking if I do say so myself. I love you color choice and the elegant desgin of this image, splendid work!
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Latest Work: Place In This World
01/19/06 1:47 PM GMT
i choose your artwork everytime and i dont know beforehand that it is your artwork so it just speaks to me ! well done
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01/19/06 3:04 PM GMT
Thank you!
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02/04/06 3:48 AM GMT
i love it great work man
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till the end of time i will walk
05/30/06 5:00 PM GMT
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06/29/06 2:34 AM GMT
I never paid any attention to fractals before discovering Caedes. Now I take the time to comment on the ones that intrigue me. This one is beautiful. I love the colors - very cool and soothing. The compostion is especially interesting - I like the placement of the "petals." Finally, the thing just gives me the feeling of a fine piece of jewelry or a beautiful stained glass window. Want to do my windows? Yeah, that's it, desktop window. Love it, Nathan. anne
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auntie anne
06/29/06 1:17 PM GMT
Thank you, cro, maritta, and Anne. One of these days, I'll have to try my hand at the real window thing. :)
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07/29/06 4:13 PM GMT
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10/20/06 7:43 AM GMT

Fantastic fractal/PS creation Nathan.
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10/26/06 11:27 AM GMT
This is my new desktop
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10/26/06 1:41 PM GMT
Thank you!
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09/15/07 7:26 PM GMT
Soft pastels how delicate with a glassy approach. This is tops thank you for creating such a lovely desktop.
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08/18/08 9:44 PM GMT
Beautiful. Love the pastels :)
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10/13/08 7:53 PM GMT
Sick...crazy colours, razor lines, Wow! Crazy nice @ 1200*900 on macbook 13inch. Sweet.
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06/17/14 10:00 PM GMT
I love your style and amazing use of color. I think I have
downloaded nearly all your creations here. Very talented!
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