Double Star  

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Uploaded: 12/09/05 2:58 PM GMT
Double Star
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The third in a series (following Sunstone and Moonstone). Hope you enjoy.


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12/09/05 3:10 PM GMT
i always do , the detail on this is amazing. love the color to.
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
12/09/05 3:19 PM GMT
Wonderful work Nathan. This is my favourite (so far) in the series. I feel strongest about this one for the symbolism I get from it. You have portayed the "Chief of the Universe".
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12/09/05 3:25 PM GMT
Beautiful! Love the design.
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12/09/05 4:08 PM GMT
Incredible how you that! It's beautiful.
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
12/09/05 4:24 PM GMT
Nathan - I dont know how you do it, the detail is excellent, the color makes you want to think of the universe. I you did this kind of work in the days of the Pharos, Im sure you would of been adorning the walls of the Pyrmaids. The design remings me of a spiritual breast plate. Good Job. Do More Please.
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12/09/05 6:29 PM GMT
My favorite of the stunning 3. This is so beautiful Nathan. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity.
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"Little dreams cost the same as big dreams, so why not dream BIG"
12/09/05 7:22 PM GMT
Excellent job !
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-- Arne --
12/09/05 8:21 PM GMT
You know Nathan..this reminds me of a beautiful Indian Headdress....except instead of earthy colours its colours of blue...which of course is earthy in a way also...considering the sky is blue and all the waters on this world..You've outdone yourself on this creation..its just wonderful!!
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Live like you mean it !
12/09/05 8:33 PM GMT
When are you going to tell everybody that you found a frog in the creek on the way to work that has granted you 'special' artistic powers? ... it isn't that part about kissing it .. is it? .. I'm sure most here would understand.

most, but not all
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wookin pa nub
12/09/05 9:29 PM GMT
Fabulous.. No one can match you.. Each image surpasses the last..

If you have a magic frog hidden somewhere, you must share it..
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One bead at a time
12/09/05 10:04 PM GMT
I agree with everyone above. Great work and please share the frog!! LOL
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12/09/05 11:47 PM GMT
Wow I love this one too... definately a magical feel to this one, love the indian theme to it, and the stars in the jewel, this would look fantastic as a suncatcher.. beautiful work Nathan..

We would all like to hear the frog story... LOL
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"I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination" / Jimmy Dean
12/10/05 1:46 AM GMT
Thank you for all the kind comments. For the frog story, see Kiefer's comment above. :)
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12/10/05 6:51 AM GMT
Wow. Just wow. I mean.... wow. Sorry, I can't be more articulate than that; it's the only word that comes to mind at the moment! LOL
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12/10/05 8:29 AM GMT
Great work. Love the Art Nuveau (I spell that right? hmmm...) fell of this. *Bow*
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12/10/05 5:55 PM GMT
Beautiful work Nathan! Into my favorites with this one.
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12/14/05 11:52 AM GMT
Wonderful design and effort Nathan!!
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
12/14/05 9:04 PM GMT
Everyone agrees! Amazing! Job well done. You are definitely one of my favorite artists here...
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12/15/05 10:59 AM GMT
I totally agree with Erin WHAT a beautiful work...
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12/16/05 4:16 PM GMT
very kool
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01/22/06 4:29 AM GMT
i love it another great work and the stars in the gem are a really nice touch
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till the end of time i will walk
01/22/06 4:39 AM GMT
Thank you so much for all the nice compliments and comments. :)
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01/23/06 3:09 AM GMT
Really tough to guess who this was created by. Any comment I made would not do it justice.
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02/19/06 12:00 AM GMT
My favorite of yours! this looks really nice :D literally...I can't say much more! this'll be in my favorites and i'll set this as my desktop now :D
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02/19/06 12:52 AM GMT
Thank you! :)
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03/13/06 6:32 AM GMT
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03/24/06 11:22 AM GMT
Lovely, great blues
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Blatently honest (an art in itself)
03/31/06 6:45 AM GMT
I like this Image it reminds me of an ancient mask with a mystic colour good job and keep it up.
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Keep your eyes open there will always be a challenge to tackle
04/25/06 10:03 AM GMT
tanku bhai
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04/25/06 10:36 AM GMT
You're welcome. Thank you!
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06/12/06 12:32 AM GMT
This is very cool. It makes an excellent background. You are very creative and talented!
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What you get isn't always what you see.
04/05/07 6:53 PM GMT
wooow how did you do it??
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~~Just To Have It Is Enough~~
06/30/07 4:41 AM GMT
I LOVE it!
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05/29/09 1:57 AM GMT
VERY cool!!
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