Princess Jaeden's Tear  

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Uploaded: 01/30/06 4:42 AM GMT
Princess Jaeden's Tear
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This is a fractal and photoshop experiment. I'm trying to get better at the craft, but could probably use some tutoring on creating jewels with odd shapes, reflections, etc. Oh, well. Keep trying. Keep learning. Hope you enjoy this, my friends.


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01/30/06 5:47 AM GMT
Nathan, have you ever seen a Lapis Lazuli stone? This particular creation of yours would look fantastic using that. I mean this is like a extravagant necklace you have designed here. And that stone might be wonderful. Can you try it? I love the filigree look to this creation of yours. ITs totally beautiful.....just so elegant.
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01/30/06 6:12 AM GMT
You've got to be kidding when you say that you could use some tutoring! This is another wonderful image with your usual great sense of color. I think your jewels are gorgeous!
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"To do just the opposite is also a form of imitation." Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
01/30/06 6:16 AM GMT
For me? Oh Nathan, you shouldn't have, but I am glad that you did. I love Emeralds and they reflect color so well and gold looks really good with them. Maybe I shall wear it to Cinderell'as Ball this weekend! Wow, What a lovely creation. I truly wish I had this hanging aorund my neck It is gorgeous. The gradients that you put in the green area are smooth and not at all 'created' looking. The gold has the look of 24 carat , not the fake stuff! This is very well done and makes me drool when viewing it. Downloading it onto my harddrive in my favorites folder and into my screensaver slideshow. Thanks for experiemnting with us :~)
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~ Mimi~
01/30/06 6:23 AM GMT
Beautiful image; would love to have that as a necklace.
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01/30/06 6:44 AM GMT
Holy Malachite BatMan :o)
Awesone job there Nathan... HIGH Marks for this vallient effort.
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"Can't Sleep, Clowns will eat me... Can't sleep, Clowns will eat me..."
01/30/06 9:20 AM GMT
How can perfect get better??? This is beautiful Nathan, I love green and gold together, looks so rich and exquisite... just gorgeous...
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01/30/06 11:17 AM GMT
Another one! And it's green, just how I like it. LOVELY!!
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01/31/06 12:36 AM GMT
Beautiful design. Great work Nathan!!
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01/31/06 5:08 AM GMT
Many kind thanks, my friends, for stopping by to look and to leave a comment. :)
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02/01/06 3:20 AM GMT
I like it, I like it!!!
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02/01/06 4:22 AM GMT
Thanks, Donna!
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02/02/06 6:01 AM GMT
Very nice work in your use of different fractal programs embedded and edited with Photoshop. I'm still working on learning the fractal idea with Photoshop and this one is very creative. AWESOME !
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"It's far more impressive for others to notice your good qualities without your help."
02/04/06 4:15 PM GMT
great stuff, this blew me away
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till the end of time i will walk
02/04/06 5:58 PM GMT
nathan,your art just seems to get better and better as always, well done
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02/04/06 6:48 PM GMT
Awesome work Nathan! Always amazing and impressive!
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02/04/06 7:42 PM GMT
Thanks! I'm so pleased you enjoyed this. I really enjoyed creating it.
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02/05/06 6:11 AM GMT
This has to be one of my favorites. Very beautiful work Nathan.
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02/05/06 3:04 PM GMT
Thanks, Lauren. :)
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02/12/06 1:10 AM GMT
i'm new to this site, and just love your work! just about every image i've loved has your name on it...
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06/24/06 12:57 AM GMT
Beautiful! How do you make it so good??? :-)))
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06/24/06 5:37 PM GMT
This one took a lot of work, but it was fun to do. Thanks for the compliments.
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08/03/06 6:41 AM GMT
this is beautiful.
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08/18/06 1:26 AM GMT
I've just discovered this site and you, my good sir, just skyrocketed into my favoritelist. Creative work with really good colortaste - keep up the good work.
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08/18/06 3:02 PM GMT
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09/05/06 6:08 PM GMT
I wish i had a necklace like that!
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