Tutorial - Creating Beautiful Photoshop & Fractal Backgr  

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Uploaded: 01/04/09 12:27 AM GMT
Tutorial - Creating Beautiful Photoshop & Fractal Backgr
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I've had a number of people ask if I would do a tutorial on how I create some of my backgrounds for my fractal art. Well, here it is. :) Enjoy!


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01/04/09 3:17 PM GMT
thank you so much! this is very useful
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01/04/09 4:00 PM GMT
Thanks so much, Nathan. I like the way you set this up vertically and with its own fractal background. You really did a fine job and I'm keeping it in my folder with all your other wonderful tutorials.
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01/04/09 4:04 PM GMT
a wonderful tutorial...very easy to understand...well done:)
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01/05/09 12:36 AM GMT
Thank´s for the tutorial Nathan. Very well done and easy to follow. I will give it a try :-)
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01/06/09 10:39 AM GMT
faved for future reference!! good job nathan, your tutorials are always good.
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01/06/09 9:56 PM GMT
Great tutorial! You are a great teacher!
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Happy New Yr my friends!
01/08/09 2:13 AM GMT
Love your tutorials. Someday I'm actually going to try them :)
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01/09/09 5:51 PM GMT
your tutorials are great. the next thing i need you to do is have them be movies so i can imitate your every move.
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01/09/09 6:37 PM GMT
You always do great tuts. thanks for sharing.
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01/17/09 4:42 AM GMT
Thanks for sharing :)
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01/17/09 7:00 PM GMT
Thanks Nathan! I am wondering which fractal program you use. I see you used Xaos here but wonder if you have worked with ultra fractal or apophysis.
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02/12/09 1:10 AM GMT
I was at a loose end a few nights ago and wandered into the Tutorial section, and tried this out immediately. It was great fun and put my blues to rest. I was doing something like this before, but was using a clumsier method; ending up with patterns around the first 3 or 4 'changes' of gradient (a little bit whorly, but not much). This way is much better and quicker. Thank you!
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07/02/09 2:42 AM GMT
I was searching for Tutorials..and have decided to save them all. I'm so happy to have found one of yours Nathan...your creations always mean so much to me. Thank you so much. Verena
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