Photoshop CS4 Quick Reference  

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Uploaded: 02/24/10 5:24 PM GMT
Photoshop CS4 Quick Reference
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I thought that many of you Photoshop CS4 users might find this quick reference useful. I'm developing some Photoshop workshops (see my journal entry at I'm pleased to share this with you as well. Enjoy.


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02/25/10 1:10 AM GMT
Whoa, Nathan, thanks I've downloaded it and saved it on my computer - very helpful hints. Already have printed it off....Thanks
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02/25/10 8:03 PM GMT
Thank you for this.Photoshop is not easy to use,i am only a beginner.
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02/27/10 8:24 PM GMT
I have no idea what it is. I've never used photoshop before. But they asked me to comment on it. =-] hah hah!
Well, here it goes.... looks very thorough...
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02/27/10 9:31 PM GMT
lol Same with the ^above comment. I guess it would be very helpful if I used photoshop.
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Beauty is Everywhere
03/01/10 5:56 AM GMT
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03/06/10 8:28 PM GMT
Hello Nathan...that's a wonderful idea. Thank you ever so much for thinking of us "photoshoperites"!This'll help a lot. Hope all things are well for you...Verena
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03/27/10 5:18 AM GMT
I'm so pleased some of you found this useful!
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03/30/10 6:51 AM GMT
Time to get busy Nathan - CS5 inbound in 2 weeks ;-)
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09/06/10 7:54 AM GMT
Great post comes in very handy.
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Thanks for taking the time to comment. All comments welcomed good and bad, I need to learn.

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