Lost in Space  

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Uploaded: 06/26/10 3:29 AM GMT
Lost in Space
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Just doodling in Photoshop CS5 tonight. Hope you enjoy.


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06/26/10 4:23 AM GMT
I do like this, I do, I do. Love the color. The design is cool. KEEP-PAH!
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06/26/10 10:14 AM GMT
An amazing job on this. Love the coloring and design
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06/26/10 11:26 AM GMT
Nathan - Excellent work! I like the design a lot; the color gradient as well. The category you chose for this work I question - it seems to be a better fit for abstract. Thad
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06/26/10 3:27 PM GMT
-::- EXCELLENT-::- -::- POST-::-
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06/26/10 4:50 PM GMT
Beautiful colours and really superb design Nathan.
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06/27/10 2:13 AM GMT
Gorgeous creation Nathan!!! So fascinating to look at!
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06/28/10 3:58 PM GMT
Nathan, I just saw this in VB (10/10), and had to come and see who made this beauty. I should have known, lol.
Faved and saved!
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06/29/10 1:21 AM GMT
Like the creation very much! You did a good job.
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09/08/10 8:22 AM GMT
I'm quite interested in how you make this design? I love Photoshop and am very curious!
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02/13/15 12:35 AM GMT
Saw this classic in the HomePage...Faved!
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