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Uploaded: 02/05/06 5:34 AM GMT
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my first contest submission in a while, nothing like a few eerie spiders to get your creative juices flowing again!


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02/05/06 6:08 AM GMT
This is nicely creepy and very atmospheric, but...I'd really love to see more spiders...yes, I said MORE spiders. I sort of wish they were clearer, too. I mean, if you're gonna creep me out, go for broke. This is well done no matter what, though. Good luck.
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02/05/06 6:11 AM GMT
i agree with you, i only placed the 4 in the shadows because I didnt want to overdo it, i figured that sublety would equal realism, which it does, BUT the image could use an extra edge, maybe i'll redo it. working on my other submission for the moment tho, thanks for the critique
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02/05/06 8:49 AM GMT
yea i definately agree.. i think maybe just adding one additional spider in plain sight would do it. very cool image and idea.
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02/06/06 3:34 AM GMT
Which image did you use as your base? It's very intersting what you've done with it :)
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02/11/06 8:58 PM GMT
I just love the mood here. The color scheme works out like a charm for me. :) Kudos on the work here. I think it's enough spiders personally. It could perhaps work with more but there is a definite risk of overdoing it like you said. Tough call.
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02/14/06 12:24 AM GMT
Great job, very mysterious and atmospheric. The number of spiders if fine, too many would be over-the-top, and it would lose its mystery.
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02/28/06 3:06 PM GMT
I think you put a lot of effort into making this look real? I give you props for that; I'm assuming it's why you applied the lighting effects with a texture channel over the Haweswater image, to make the spiders seem more real. Didn't quite pull it off, but I can tell you were really thinking. The mood is fantastic, but I don't think it needed to be so completely monochrome.
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02/28/06 3:40 PM GMT
its hard to make giant spiders created in 3d studio max look "real". but to me a "convincing" image strikes a chord in the viewer better than cut and paste. The lighting was used to create the overall mood, but yes the texture channel and the placement of the spiders was to integrate them into the scene more convincingly
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"Then as it was, Then again it will be. An' though the course may change sometimes, Rivers always reach the sea."
03/09/06 12:55 AM GMT
This is awsome! Into my favs!
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Hmm floor sugar. Check this out!
03/11/06 4:55 AM GMT
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03/15/06 10:43 PM GMT
Its very beautiful yet creepy because of that huge spider! :) I like it a lot though. Well Done!
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06/26/06 9:11 PM GMT
lovely image colours are amazing fantasic planet
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