Beautiful Oblivion  

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Uploaded: 02/08/04 9:53 PM GMT
Beautiful Oblivion
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This is my entry for the Manipulation contest. I used Image C.


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02/08/04 10:34 PM GMT
I like the 3D effect you got here. I must say it's hard to see the original file but I sense some ot the colors come from it in a muted sort of way. :)
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02/09/04 12:16 AM GMT
I agree with Klas. And, whatever you did and however you did it, this is a great image and a fantastic wallpaper. :)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
02/09/04 3:12 AM GMT
heavy heavy lens flares, with lighting effects/texture channels, bringing about strange colors and obliterating the original image. the idea may be good, but the execution makes it too hard to tell. i haven't seen much work from you so i'm assuming you're new. i would take this down and work on it some more, see what you can come up with. a good start!
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02/09/04 3:27 PM GMT
Excellent job. In my favorites : )
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Dua Git
02/09/04 4:57 PM GMT
Beautiful and nice work!
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carpe diem.
02/09/04 8:25 PM GMT
Beautiful image.
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02/10/04 1:25 AM GMT
Wow, it looks like a futuristic telescope!
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When the rooster crows, it's time to WAKE UP!!!
02/10/04 4:56 PM GMT
Thank you all for the feedback and warm welcome to Caedes. I have posted Karma for each one of you. This picture reminds me of something out of X-files. This is my second picture out of Photoshop, but I just took the picture and played with the filters until I liked it.
One thing I realized about doing this, it makes me feel completely naked and exposed to the outside world. It's taking a part of me and letting the whole world see. I've never done anything like this, but I am looking forward to doing more, and checking out your newest editions to the galleries.
Thanks again for your support, feedback, comments, and constructive criticism. I'm always open to what other people have to say.
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02/14/04 10:14 AM GMT
Personally I feel that you have taken this a little too far, especially the lens flare. I think maybe you have used plastic wrap? If so you have applied it a bit too heavily for my taste. My advice is just try to be more subtle. Keep in mind though that "subtle" is my own personal taste, not everyone would agree with me.
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02/14/04 7:48 PM GMT
Wow! Do you mind if I just sit here for a minute and bask in your awesomeness? Ok, this has to be one of the coolest pics I've seen so far for this contest. Definately a 10.
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02/22/04 6:41 PM GMT
thats pretty mad, cant tell what it came from but i like the plastic wrap : )
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02/29/04 5:59 AM GMT
That's so awesome! I usually have to look at an image for a few minutes to decide how much I like it but it shocked me the instant I saw it. The only thing I did before writing this was adding this to my favorites and vote it a 10. This really got my eye. I can't explain why I like it, nor can I explain the meaning I see in it. Kind of weird for someone who's supposed to be an excellent writer, but there you have it . . .

By the way, it's like when my dopey art teacher decides that we have to present our collages to the class and EXPLAIN them--I can't explain it!!! IF I COULD PUT IT INTO WORDS I WOULD HAVE WRITTEN AN ESSAY, NOW WOULDN'T I HAVE?!?!?!?!?!?!
I have the same problem with drawings and paintings and poems and . . . . DEEP breath . . . sorry I'll get off my soapbox now.

This was absolutely excellently conceived and executed.

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02/29/04 6:05 AM GMT
I only just now read the comments here, and I'd like to reply to your comment about feeling like you're taking a part of yourself and putting it out for the whole world to see. I know EXACTLY (to the very letter) how you feel. I haven't done a whole lot of art with images as of yet, but I've written dozens of poems. I have only recently let anyone see any of them, and even then, only select ones. I feel very secretive about letting everyone (or anyone at all) see who I really am. In light of all this, I very much appreciate that you put this image up for all of us to see, examine, and verbally dissect. It takes a lot of guts, caring, and trust.
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--------"May the soul of the emperor rain mousetraps on your head forever." --Daniel Stephens * "Eagles may fly, but weasles don't get sucked into jet intakes." --Jonathan McDowell-------
03/30/04 1:10 AM GMT
Well its a good image but im a junior in a Vocation High school and my shop is graphic communications and can come up with the same thing and better when jsut messing around. Kinda obvious all you used where filters such as lens flare etc. nice try though
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12/04/04 12:16 AM GMT
Nice, the name fits it perfectly. Thanks for sharing.
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