Oberon's wing  

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Uploaded: 10/11/05 4:07 AM GMT
Oberon's wing
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10/11/05 4:59 AM GMT
I like this very much...The colours are as tho this is the wing of a parrot..very nice design!!
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Never stop doing the thing you love...
10/11/05 9:53 AM GMT
Yep, I thought of a parrot too :o) Very vibrant!
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~Vengeance Is Mine : Romans 12:19
10/11/05 12:50 AM GMT
Ditto the parrot wing. My fav. of yours so far. Love the dramatic clean look and that rainbow of color. I don't believe I've seen anything close to this design before so that's a great thing. ;) Well done! Saving to fav. ;)
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When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance... Leanne Womack
10/11/05 1:29 PM GMT
Very Good!
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10/12/05 2:26 AM GMT
Wow, Moe! What a sensational flame! The colors are great and I love the perfect feathery texture of this! Bravo!
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10/12/05 8:13 AM GMT
I like it. It goes on my desktop.
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10/13/05 1:18 AM GMT
This truly a great flame! Great job Moe!
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"A man who limits his interests, limits his life." -Vincent Price - My Gallery
05/17/06 1:42 PM GMT
This caught my eye. It's a great design!
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11/18/06 9:44 AM GMT
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