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Nothing to exciting, but then again, most of what snipers do isn't. Thanks for viewing. (And sorry his gun is bent, not much I can do about that.)


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02/18/11 5:44 AM GMT
Those toy army men can sure get into the damnedest of places...Nice presentation..
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02/18/11 1:50 PM GMT
The guns of these little guys are always bent. I think the mold is that way because when I was playing with mine... they were bent. And so were the little mine sweeper dudes too. Fun little shot here, good job.
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02/20/11 4:35 PM GMT
I don't know, Paul. I think you need to check your shutter speed. As noted in my previous comments, there's quite a bit of motion blur due to the extreme action taking place. In this particular shot, the sniper looks like he's suppressing a sneeze, and the resulting movement is causing unnecessary blurring.

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