Caedes Graffiti  

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Uploaded: 06/21/07 2:14 PM GMT
Caedes Graffiti
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Status: active

Caedes graffiti on the wall...not really much else to say. :)


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06/22/07 12:10 AM GMT
i think caedes should be a different color, maybe white.
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06/22/07 4:16 AM GMT
I think that the maroon gives a nice matching effect with the color at the top of the flame. Nice job!
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06/22/07 6:55 PM GMT
Actually, it was originally white text but it just didn't fit the picture as well as the darker shade. I appreciate your comment though! :)

Also, thank you for the comment nature_faerie I am glad you liked it!
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07/07/07 4:13 PM GMT
imo, your sterotypical graffiti letters are a solid color in the middle with a big border. i agree the inside should be white and a thick maroon border would work nicely. and on top of might look really kewl if u did a slight transparency so as to "pull" the texture out of the wall so that it actually looks like it was sprayed on there.

and mebbe the brick texture should be larger too...the bricks are really small..if they were bigger it would give better dimensions i think.

otherwise, nice colors, and nicely done on the aint easy.
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07/08/07 1:22 PM GMT
Wow this is a great look thanks.
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