Apollo 17 Lift Off  

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Uploaded: 08/30/04 9:43 AM GMT
Apollo 17 Lift Off
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One of the giant Saturn rocket boosters from the Apollo program on a night time lift off.

Credit: NASA


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08/30/04 1:08 PM GMT
Very nice Phil
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08/31/04 12:01 AM GMT
This one goes beautifully with the morning shot you found. A night lift really brings out the drama. Would love to be there just once.
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08/31/04 5:13 AM GMT
I love this image. The reflections on the water(?) are nice. I also love the way that the smoke clouds frame the shuttle taking off. Nice shot. Nighttime shots are hard to take and yours is very clear and beautiful.
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08/31/04 2:49 PM GMT
sadly graffitigirl, I didnt take this shot - it's from NASA's archive and it isn't the shuttle - it's Apollo 16 - I believe.
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09/09/04 3:37 PM GMT
Marvelous image!!!
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01/16/05 4:29 PM GMT
this is amazing,thank you nasa, and thank you for giving us a chance to view this
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01/20/05 10:58 PM GMT
This really caught my eye. Love it.
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04/17/05 4:35 PM GMT
great shot wish i was there to see this!!
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04/20/05 10:01 PM GMT
deffinately a keeper!
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08/12/05 10:16 PM GMT
Very explosive image! Nice uplighted smoke..I like it!
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09/04/05 10:46 PM GMT
i wanna be a nasa photographer someday... (: in the meantime..
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09/19/06 6:25 PM GMT
Actually Apollo 17 - that was the only night lift-off for a Saturn 5. December 1972. I remember watching it on television.
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09/19/06 7:44 PM GMT
your absolutely right :-)
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