Colour To Monochrome  

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Uploaded: 08/08/05 12:21 AM GMT
Colour To Monochrome
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Here is a tutorial I picked up recently that is a very simple breakdown of conversion options within Photoshop for simulation of black & white film. While these all work well to a fashion, from what I have seen, Binuscan's PhotoRetouch Pro is far better at colour conversions than Photoshop but it's a hefty price to pay for just the one tool....


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08/08/05 1:56 PM GMT
i never knew that, thats cool. But from those four options, i think Desaturate looks the best.
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08/08/05 1:57 PM GMT
It's all relative to the image really so - as it suggests - you should try out all your options to see how it goes.
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08/08/05 2:16 PM GMT
Very interestng.. I am going to see if I can translate any of this information, into what programs I have.. Photoshop is still out of my price range..
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08/08/05 4:54 PM GMT
Great job, Phil...very nicely laid out and easy to follow and understand...tks for sharing.:Pat.
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08/09/05 4:27 AM GMT
Thank you Phil for taking the time to do this. I can use all the help I can get :~)
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~ Mimi~
08/10/05 2:17 AM GMT
A handy guide for all these methods. A lot will depend on the subject matter too but this will make a quick reference guide for running the image through all methods to find the effect that gets the results you're looking for.
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08/15/05 4:54 PM GMT
Superb tutorial -- clean, succinct text and graphics. Again, many thanks.
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08/18/05 10:06 PM GMT
Very nice..thank you for this tutorial
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08/29/05 12:40 AM GMT
finally all the info I need to remember in one place ... very grateful for the guide ... thanks!
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04/18/07 5:03 PM GMT
I really appreciate these tutorials. I hope to have time to use them sometime.
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11/01/07 1:32 PM GMT
Nice tutorial ... i find the channel mixer the best for flexibility and getting what I want!
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