Last Dance  

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Uploaded: 07/15/06 10:32 PM GMT
Last Dance
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STS-121 mission specialist, astronaut Piers J. Sellers, translates along a truss on the International Space Station during the mission's third and final EVA.

Credit: NASA/JPL


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07/16/06 3:26 AM GMT
Marvellous shot - and is that a tornado among the cloud formations towards lower left?
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07/18/06 6:33 PM GMT
Phil a Nice Special Clear Shot. Working with NASA........ Thanks for SHARING.
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07/22/06 2:23 PM GMT
WOW is all I can say! Beautiful shot.
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10/12/06 7:03 AM GMT
They have some good cameras up at the space station!
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07/22/10 12:52 AM GMT
No, krt, it is not a tornado. The cloud, or the supercell, around a tornado looks a whole lot different. These are normal stratus clouds, not storm clouds, AKA nimbo cumulus, or nimbus clouds. =)
That is just cloud formations over a higher ground level, like a mountain or such, or uprising caused by an updraft.

Phil, that looks scary. Do you know if they have a safety harness? Cannot see it from this angle..
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10/15/10 1:25 AM GMT
NOT FAIR!! Nobody but astronauts can get these shots!! What I would do to go up there and be the photographer for the mission!!! Where do 54 year old guys with bad eyes sign up??
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