First Launch  

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Uploaded: 09/03/06 11:35 AM GMT
First Launch
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This was a fairly badly degraded image that is almost 60 years old of the launch of the first rocket from Cape Canaveral, the Bumper 2, a modified German V2 rocket captured along with its creators from the Third Reich after the end of the war. I used Noise Ninja to fix this up as much as I could without damaging any of the original detail.

Credit: NASA/JPL Archives.


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09/03/06 11:45 AM GMT
This is a great image Phil , contrast , compisition and nostalgia , real nice .
Thanx for sharing it buddy .
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09/03/06 12:24 AM GMT
What a good post Phil!
Despite all your great post of the shuttles, this one says it all!
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
09/03/06 1:53 PM GMT
The first entry into the mad frenzy known as the "Space Race"...Very good modification...great clarity! Hats off!
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09/03/06 2:35 PM GMT
Amazing!!! More, more...
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09/03/06 9:42 PM GMT
A nice pic Phil. The cleanup has been well done.
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius
09/03/06 10:26 PM GMT
the contrast and dynamic range remind me of ansel adams
cool action shot, dont you think they are stood a bit close??? lol

well preserved and reclaimed (for posterity) :)
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09/08/06 7:45 PM GMT
Dang ! There IS an atmosphere in this picture which you've rendered amazingly as usual !

Thanks again for this my friend ! ;)
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09/08/06 7:46 PM GMT
wow, phil you've been there since the how old are you again?
anyhoo...this is a very nice presentation, and you've done this archival image justice. thanks for posting it
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09/09/06 1:07 AM GMT
Another archival gem. This photographer had the foresight to back up and capture the others in the act of filming history. Love the dart shaped nose, do you have a date on it?
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09/09/06 11:10 AM GMT
yes - it's july 19th - 1950.
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09/10/06 11:15 PM GMT
Its amazing how well it came out Phil. I think you're rapidly becoming a specialist a this. :)
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09/11/06 1:32 PM GMT
Awesome restoration job phil!
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09/09/08 2:48 AM GMT
Thanks for the brief history lesson and another great image!
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