Milky Way: Galileo Anniversary Image  

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Uploaded: 11/12/09 6:20 AM GMT
Milky Way: Galileo Anniversary Image
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A never-before-seen view of the turbulent heart of the Milky Way, unveiled by NASA on Nov. 10. This event will commemorate the 400 years since Galileo first turned his telescope to the heavens in 1609.

The image combines a near-infrared view from the Hubble Space Telescope, an infrared view from the Spitzer Space Telescope and an X-ray view from the Chandra X-ray Observatory into one multi-wavelength picture. Experts from all three observatories carefully assembled the final image from large mosaic photo surveys taken by each telescope. This composite image provides one of the most detailed views ever of our galaxy's mysterious core.

The composite image features the spectacle of stellar evolution: from vibrant regions of star birth, to young hot stars, to old cool stars, to seething remnants of stellar death called black holes. This activity occurs against a fiery backdrop in the crowded, hostile environment of the galaxy's core, the center of which is dominated by a supermassive black hole nearly four million times more massive than our Sun. Permeating the region is a diffuse blue haze of X-ray light from gas that has been heated to millions of degrees by outflows from the black hole as well as by winds from massive stars and by stellar explosions. Infrared light reveals more than a hundred thousand stars along with glowing dust clouds that create complex structures including compact globules, long filaments, and finger-like "pillars of creation," where newborn stars are just beginning to break out of their dark, dusty cocoons.

Image Credit: NASA/Hubble Heritage Archives.


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11/12/09 9:19 AM GMT
And how can anyone even think in the smallest kinda way that there is no Creator?!! This can't happen by itself. Wow, how majestic and magnificent. Not only the view,but the fact that we are able to take photos of this beautiful sky. How fortunate we are to have made this amount of progress! The colours are like fires in the heavens! Thank you for sharing such a awesome photo. Thank you so very much. Verena
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If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don't hoard it. Don't dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly, like a millionaire intent on going broke
11/12/09 11:15 AM GMT
Luv the colours this one puts out!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
11/12/09 1:15 PM GMT
Wow! And I'm sorry Verena, but I'm of the opinion that cosmic evolution is the very thing that disproves the creator nonsense.
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
11/12/09 10:02 PM GMT
It looks Magnificent..and Very Beautiful.Thank you for sharing this Amazing photo Phil.
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11/13/09 8:00 AM GMT
Thanks Phil for all the work you did.....little Nick will love this one! :-)
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11/15/09 1:38 AM GMT
yowsa! Beem me up Scotty! Thank you!
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If you get to thinkin' you're a person of some influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around.

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