STS-131: Launch 2.  

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Uploaded: 04/06/10 4:55 AM GMT
STS-131: Launch 2.
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An exhaust cloud billows around Launch Pad 39A as space shuttle Discovery blasts off yesterday morning. The seven-member crew will deliver supplies, a new crew sleeping quarters and science racks that will be transferred to the International Space Station's laboratories. Despite the fact the ISS passed over Florida just 15 minutes before lift off, it will take Discovery two days to catch up and rendezvous with the station.

Image Credit: NASA/Tony Gray and Tom Farrar.


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04/06/10 6:26 AM GMT
Nice view of the gantry highlights on this one...Faved...
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04/06/10 7:03 AM GMT
That's almost scary, to think of the power behind this. It's totally amazing to me that it's even happening! Verena
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Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
04/06/10 4:16 PM GMT
Another great work Phil. My girlfriend had tickets to see the launch. It was on her "bucket list". She sent me a shot via her cellphone as it was blasting off, but that is nothing compared to this! She did say seeing the ISS pass over caused the crowd to collectively say "ohhh" :o)
Thanks for the addition to Nick's folder!!
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04/06/10 8:33 PM GMT
A Stunning photo,Phil..
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