Golden Afternoon  

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Uploaded: 08/30/04 12:53 AM GMT
Golden Afternoon
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Earlier this year, while in Hollywood, the Warner Brothers Studio office building captured my attention as I was leaving one of the sets across the street. The golden color from the atmospherics and the sunset lighting added together to give the mirrored glass this marvelous color.


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08/30/04 1:45 AM GMT
Excellent composition and palette. Well done.
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08/30/04 4:04 AM GMT
A little different, but still the same great work, Michael! Very good shot and high marks
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08/30/04 6:27 AM GMT
I cant tell what the dark parts in the glass are. Are they reflections? Cut out sections of the glass. Very odd and interesting archetecture, glad a photographer like yourself was around to capture it. The reflections are quite interesting, but the composition overall is kind of confusing, almost dizzying haha. hmm what oddness humans can create.
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The easiest way to miss a shot is to not venture far enough to find it.
08/30/04 7:31 AM GMT
Nicely done! I like a lot :-)
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08/30/04 1:03 PM GMT
Very ineteresting photo Mike - dig those golden tones!
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08/30/04 3:16 PM GMT
I agree, this is quite interesting, well done.
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08/30/04 8:16 PM GMT
Michael i think that you have an artistic third eye to take your photo.I like this one. 09/10
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09/01/04 11:44 AM GMT
Lovely monochrome effect, and interesting geometric forms. The trees detract a bit from the clean lines, but it might have been too harsh without them. Another fascinating shot :-)
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01/14/05 10:48 PM GMT
This one is just amazing.. At least worthy of my favs ;-).
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11/13/09 6:49 AM GMT
brilliant eye to see these pattern and capture it, cool picture
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let me keep my eyes open, let me see the beauty

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