Falls' Last Hoorah  

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Uploaded: 12/04/04 6:24 AM GMT
Falls' Last Hoorah
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I had been photographing the fall colors down on the Mc Kenzie River in Oregon and had started coming home over highway 20 towards Sisters Ore. when I passed this field of brightly colored foliage. I slammed on my brakes and backtracked to it. I shot 3 rolls of film here. I have never seen such color either before or since. Glad I stopped. It started snowing shortly thereafter.


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12/04/04 7:05 AM GMT
Wow, we're glad you stopped to! Beautiful colors and framing of the trees. Absolutely gorgeous! 10/10 and into my favorites as is par for your pictures ;) Do you have a zip file of your images I can download? :-P Keep up the amazing work Michael!
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"We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall." -- NLT Proverbs 16:33
12/04/04 7:44 AM GMT
Your ability to capture color before it can run away is uncanny. You ought to contact the camera manufacturers and get them to pay you to program/design an auto exposure setting for the rest of us. I can see the commercial now ... "Get the new A3000 .. Now with Michael 3.0 ... Just set it to Michael and rest assured he's got your back" ........... Black & White film would now have to capture color or it would just sit on the shelf.
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12/04/04 10:59 AM GMT
another great shot.... just love all the different colours and tones... beautiful.. thanks for taking the pic... :D
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12/04/04 12:05 AM GMT
Picture perfect, you've created a painting with your lens (+ a few rolls of film, lol). 10/10 and in my favs.
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12/04/04 12:26 AM GMT
Now 3 rolls of film at 36 shots makes... If the rest are this good can we see them too?
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12/04/04 12:48 AM GMT
Good thing you stopped, this is am absolutly beautiful Image of fall colors.
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12/04/04 1:27 PM GMT
I'm glad your brakes worked that day...hehe! On my desktop now, I think I see a X-mas tree in the background I want. 10 and in favs. Great photography Mike!
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~ Terry ~
12/04/04 2:40 PM GMT
Beautiful image Michael! A well composed and colorful image of America's North West. Well done.
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"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work." - Emile Zola (1840-1902)
12/04/04 3:01 PM GMT
Almost unreal colors - almost too perfect! But a really great pic!
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12/04/04 4:45 PM GMT
Now that's what i have been talking about all along. Nature, the most accomplished decorator of all time, and all we have to do is be their, you were i wasn't, that upsets Great Shot. Dwight.
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12/04/04 5:31 PM GMT
I'm so glad that you got this shot before it started snowing... Otherwise I wouldnt be able to put it on my desktop! 10/10 and into the favorites.
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12/04/04 6:40 PM GMT
Whoo, the fiery color is great Mike. You have a great talent for isolating a subject and making it easy to look at. I would have put on the Flintstone brakes to capture this as well;-0
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12/04/04 8:21 PM GMT
great shot . well done .
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12/05/04 1:15 AM GMT
I love the colours! looks like a painting. Thanks for sharing this beauty.
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12/05/04 1:56 AM GMT
Ok, that's it. I'm moving out to the northwest. On the border between Washington and Oregon, I think. :)
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12/07/04 2:51 PM GMT
LOL Darryl! Michael you are indeed one of the most talented Caedes Members. Thank you for sharing with us.
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Smile and the world smiles with you! AcrossTheWorld
12/14/04 11:43 PM GMT
another nice one Michael! good eye for everything as always.
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jem184 "only you can make your dreams come true!"
11/12/05 3:39 AM GMT
This is really spectacular! It's especially good because it's nature's work, not a garden tended by people to be so beautiful. And you captured it so well.
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01/23/06 6:29 AM GMT
Great composition. I love autumn more than any other season, probably because of scenes like this. Beautiful photo.

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"Every day all people judge all other people. The question is whether we judge wisely." Orson Scott Card
04/11/06 6:00 AM GMT
I'm so glad you went back to take those shots of this beautiful and ravishing place!
Those colors are incredible, something i have never seen in my life!
Thanks for sharing the beauty of your state, it's in my list of places to visit. :)

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09/25/06 4:13 PM GMT
Oh wow, this is beautiful! :)
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