From the Inside Out  

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Uploaded: 04/24/05 10:23 PM GMT
From the Inside Out
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This image was taken from an old abandoned farmhouse in the Palouse area around Latah Washington


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04/24/05 10:28 PM GMT
An interesting perspective -- well done!
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Weird but true: A man was found dead in his seat at a cinema in Bombay after the late-night screening of a horror film.
04/24/05 11:19 PM GMT
The dark space and frame really makes the colors of the landscape pop. I love old windows and doors, these broken frames are interresting in themselves.
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04/25/05 12:51 AM GMT
Hello Michael..this is so good!! Ive taken pics like this in Bannack, the ghost town in Montana...I love this pic of yours..such a feeling! I've even traveled the Palouse area...Its so great over there.The way the window frames frames the site is just awesome, and I love how you've brought out the brightness of the sky..contrasting to the dark of the inisde of the cabin..bravo!!!!
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The best way to predict the to create it!!!
04/25/05 4:37 AM GMT
I agree with Tracy !
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04/25/05 4:46 AM GMT
I didn't guess this one :), but what a great perspective..the old frame window, the old barn and the glimpse of the other old building are great. I love the blue sky & white clouds & green grass. Good one Michael. Thanks :)
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~ Mimi~
04/27/05 5:46 AM GMT
why, this is a quite different shot..i like it :) especially the unusal perspective and the angle! the composition and the whole image are great! i've tried this as a desktop the minute i saw it.. believe me, it does look remarkable!
i have a feeling i'm not looking at the image, i'm looking through the window! :) great quality and fabulous lightning; the contrast between the completely shadowed black inside of the cabin makes an excellent contrast with the outside scenery. i agree, the sky against the blackness looks stunning!

thank you for sharing this image with us! btw, i hope you had fun on your journey :) cheers!
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~~~ ...all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream... ~~~
04/29/05 5:19 AM GMT
Wow! I love it! It's going right on my desktop- looking at this will get me through those last few finals.
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"Morals, like clothes, change with the fashions, or, perhaps the fashions change to adorn the morals." Florence Reed
04/30/05 10:23 PM GMT
Really effective shot. I really like the idea. Works well as a desktop. The scene outside looks very peaceful as well. Nicely done.
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"But all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity. Black emptiness and harmony, I need someone to comfort me. "- Simon and Garfunkel
05/07/05 4:31 PM GMT
This is a 10! Great!
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07/01/05 7:08 AM GMT
Very Wyeth. And, very lovely. Seeing this photograph is a joy.
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09/01/05 6:33 AM GMT
Wonderful perspective, Now how about a phot of "Outside Looking In"?
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10/12/05 7:20 PM GMT
u are a great photographer, this pic is very original and is my favorite for ur others. saludos from mexico
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07/05/06 1:53 PM GMT
Good image........a Wyeth painting waitng.....would like to see more of inside of building...just a hint of the wood......
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01/04/07 6:32 PM GMT
Love this pic!
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07/14/09 7:07 PM GMT
very nice! i like the idea of looking out the window.
Thanks for sharing!
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