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Uploaded: 05/24/06 6:58 AM GMT
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This pigeon was very patient and let me take its photograph for over a half an hour. Of course it was in a zoo and didn't have much of a chance to be otherwise. I don't know what kind of pigeon it is but I think itís very pretty.


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05/24/06 7:01 AM GMT
It looks like some kind of crested pidgeon. They are quite common all around Australia but the common variety are a bit less scruffy than this fellow. He looks a bit like some I have seen in desert areas, but they usually have more brown on them to blend in with their surroundings... so I'm not sure what his story is! A great shot of him anyway.
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05/24/06 7:02 AM GMT
Fantastic shot. Never seen a pidgeon like that... ;-)
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05/24/06 7:13 AM GMT
Very nice shot. Strange bird but pretty.
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05/24/06 7:15 AM GMT
I have never seen pigeons of this kind. It is so elegant and colourful with a variety of different shades of beige and grey. Pin sharp capture of a delicate bird.
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05/24/06 7:30 AM GMT
Great photo, beautiful bird, I would never have guessed it to be a pidgeon.
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05/24/06 7:32 AM GMT
Good shot. Very nice contrast and high details. Worth watching.
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05/24/06 8:41 AM GMT
What a magnificent capture of this beautifully colored crested pigeon. They are easily identified by the bright orange around their eyes! Of course, the lighting is terrific as is the composition and the color and the clarity as well as the detail in all of the feathers. I can even see the birdie's eye's! Very well done Michael. I am going to let this pretty bird roost in my favorites folder on my harddrive so then it can get it's exercise while running in my screensaver slideshow program! Thank you for sharing this with us :~)
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05/24/06 9:17 AM GMT
Doesn't even look like a pigeon. Too pretty. Very nice capture. Great job.
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05/24/06 10:55 AM GMT
He posed just for you to. Those eyes are beautiful. Great capture. Tracey
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05/24/06 1:22 PM GMT
That's a Portriat! Perfect in every detail!
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05/24/06 1:53 PM GMT
How gorgeous this bird is, and you captured it so well. I'm constantly amazed at your photos. They bring me great pleasure and inspire me to be a better photographer. Thank you!
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05/24/06 2:37 PM GMT
Great shot! Beautiful bird and composition! I like the way you have blurred the background, but the color still adds to the photo. Great job!
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05/24/06 3:43 PM GMT
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05/24/06 4:50 PM GMT
Incrdible photo, Michael! Is this with your digital and did you use any sort of filter? I love the results of your patient waitning and the framing sets it off beautifully.
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05/24/06 7:09 PM GMT
Being unique is a good thing - as this pigeon knows. Nice close-up...can see his lovely feathers and the softness of them. He has nice markings and a lovely grey head. Love the colorful eye. I like the way the orange border mirrors his eye. I would give this 10s. Most impressive presentation :*>
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05/24/06 8:50 PM GMT
An exquisite close-up of this odd but beautiful pigeon. Your clarity and DOF are to be admired on this. Very nice work Michael.
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05/24/06 10:51 PM GMT
This is a very pretty photo .... Great work!
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05/25/06 1:15 AM GMT
It is pretty and your Image is very good indead very well done and keep up the very good work ;)
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05/25/06 5:53 PM GMT
wow, his eyes r amazing! never seen eye color like that b4, nice capture
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05/27/06 1:40 AM GMT
He looks a little ruffled. Good capture.
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05/27/06 8:30 AM GMT
Oh I like how "ruffled" he different! Usually they all seem to look kinda the same. But this little guy is unique, sure am glad you stuck around to take the pics..Very nicely done Michael...verena
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05/28/06 4:54 AM GMT
Excellent photograph Mike! Very unusual to my eyes...thanks for opening them wider;-)
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05/29/06 10:05 PM GMT
That is terrific work Micheal! Everything about It is superb. You don't work for the Audubon Society by chance! I don't know either what variety of pigeon this is also, but does look tropical...Nice work Micheal....gerry...
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05/30/06 11:44 AM GMT
Excellent pic! Love the blurring of the background to highlight the pidgeon. I love the detail we can see in the bird and the way his eye stands out is great! ever get the feeling of being watched?! :o)
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05/31/06 3:37 PM GMT
Perfect capture, couldn't be any better. You did yourself proud. Straight to my favs.
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06/06/06 3:47 AM GMT
That's one crazy looking pigeon...looks like it needs a visit to the asylum ^_^ I like what you've done with this shot. Nice and clear where it counts.
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06/06/06 4:48 AM GMT
Well done. Lots of great detail.

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06/25/06 1:54 PM GMT
He's clearly "bristling" at you. Reminds me of the saying, "don't get your feathers in an uproar". Wonderful color, detail and, Attitude!
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02/20/08 4:08 AM GMT
What a beautiful little thing. Great Photo dear! Love it!
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