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Uploaded: 07/12/15 10:07 AM GMT
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Captured this shot of the old Quebec bridge July 06. (Thanks for the nice comments.)


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07/12/15 10:15 AM GMT
I recall seeing many bridges around Montreal and Quebec. This is a pretty one, Don.
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07/12/15 11:12 AM GMT
Beautiful capture. I like the boats in the shot too.
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07/12/15 2:01 PM GMT
This is really nice, I see there are two of them in this shot, and I like the tree in the foreground.
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07/12/15 3:56 PM GMT
Very nice shot showing the bridge clearly. Nice lighting and also the overhanging tree branches in front add to the beauty of this scene Don.
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07/12/15 7:04 PM GMT
Great shot and like the way the 2 ends look almost like a mirror image of the top and the bottom
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07/12/15 11:23 PM GMT
I like the over-hanging branches on this photo. Nice capture of the bridge and surroundings.
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07/13/15 6:32 AM GMT
Your shot does this structure proud.
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07/13/15 11:30 PM GMT
A cracking image Don. This bridge looks a bit like The Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland which has just been given World Heritage Status.
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07/21/15 3:11 PM GMT
A great looking bridge and You've captured it beautifully, Don.
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