Caedes Spider Monolith  

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Uploaded: 08/27/04 3:04 AM GMT
Caedes Spider Monolith
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All done in Photoshop. I don't no why I did a winter scene, it just kind of happened along the way. It's a picture of the only monolith impossible to pronounce. :)


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08/27/04 3:29 AM GMT
hey this is really cool! too bad its not winter...not here anyway
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08/27/04 6:23 AM GMT
Certainly creative. Great color and backdrop. I like how you did the icicles.
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08/27/04 12:48 AM GMT
I agree with B.J. Really creative.. good work, you've done a good job with only using PS.
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(<->.<(<->.<->)>.<->) They are watching you!
06/09/05 9:24 AM GMT
Love em all, great work.
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07/19/05 1:18 PM GMT
how do you do it?
jeez i hope the guys at caedes actuallyreact to these comments
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09/10/05 10:56 PM GMT
this is alright i tought they could do better but i know they will get way way better and i agrre with b.j with the coulor
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12/15/05 1:00 AM GMT
I love this picture. That spider should be in a video game.
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12/15/05 1:13 PM GMT
Very well done. I like the fact that you included a shadow. It adds to the quality of the image.
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03/16/16 8:42 PM GMT
Saw this on the Homepage...Way cool!
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