Satans Stare  

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Uploaded: 08/18/05 1:54 AM GMT
Satans Stare
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I thought this would look nice as a desktop, umm maybe nice is the wrong word. How about creepy? Whatever it is I like it, I hope you do as well.


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08/18/05 2:34 AM GMT
This is great.. very creative... and yes creepy.. great colours and reflection in the eye... like the skulls and hands etc in the background.... does look good on desktop... =)
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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." --Helen Keller
08/18/05 2:46 AM GMT
Awesome and scary.
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08/18/05 2:58 AM GMT
Yikes! I'd know that stare anywhere.....LOL! Well done.
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08/18/05 5:55 AM GMT
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"Little dreams cost the same as big dreams, so why not dream big"?
08/18/05 6:56 AM GMT
Excellent job.
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08/18/05 7:49 AM GMT
Yes , very nice a creative idea and well executed
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have a nice day and read more fantasy.
08/18/05 9:20 AM GMT
interesting. I like the detail.
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius ................. Please look at these: Quintet
08/18/05 12:09 AM GMT
Wow this makes a great desktop and that eye is absolutly awesome you can really see the fire burning within
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08/18/05 12:30 AM GMT
I like the way you intergrated the hands and skull. Very subtle. Nice work.
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...rob... Lizard
08/18/05 12:34 AM GMT
Total recall, great work. Dwight.
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See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand! O that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek!" :Shakespeare
08/18/05 1:19 PM GMT
Positively malevolent...good work.:Pat.
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Join me and Let's Talk.
08/18/05 4:58 PM GMT
eyes of perdition ...

I hope you got my ex's permission to use this likeness ... she can be cantankerous in a courtroom

other than the flood of bad memories ... good job, I guess .. ;o)
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Sometimes the truth knocks on the door and you say 'Go Away! I'm looking for the truth!' --<b>Robert Pirsig</b> (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance)
08/18/05 10:09 PM GMT
Great work. I'll save this one for Halloween. =0)
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08/18/05 10:23 PM GMT
now that's sweet!! almost hypnotic oOoO
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08/19/05 5:57 PM GMT
Although the title might not interest me, the picture deffinatly does. Dont worry, I'm not Christian. High marks and thanks for sharing :)
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"If you believe you are unstoppable, you are; when you believe to be a failure, you will be..." -Me, myself and my other personality with pigtails.
08/20/05 1:47 PM GMT
As a contact lens wearer I know this pain well. great work
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08/22/05 5:42 PM GMT
He looks sad...
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08/22/05 5:44 PM GMT
Cool - in a grotesque sort of way...
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08/22/05 7:00 PM GMT
ooo i really like this its so creepy hehe...10/10 have a great day! (^_^)
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08/22/05 7:30 PM GMT
Very nice indeed. I like to skull to the bottom left. What programs do you use? As im getting fed up of mine.
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"Life moves pretty fast. if you dont stop and look around once in a while you could miss it"! Thanks Ferris Bueler.
08/22/05 11:30 PM GMT
Very scary; I couldn't put it up on my desktop 'cause it's too creepy, but I give you high marks for your artistry.
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There generally is some excuse for mad Italian rages; Latins are logical and have a reason for going mad. ~G.K. Chesterton~
11/04/05 5:31 PM GMT
Beautiful work!!
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11/09/05 6:54 AM GMT
This is very good, but the reflection of a window in the eye takes away from the illusion a bit...
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02/06/06 2:40 AM GMT
One scary pitcher baby.
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-DFX -
03/01/06 1:33 PM GMT
I love the ptcture, its very hateful, but in a good way
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05/31/06 6:00 AM GMT
Freaky, but good.
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How long must thy world wait...
07/20/06 10:38 PM GMT
Luv the color range on this one!! Would've like to see the window touched up or removed. Scary skulls and hands dude...very Slaytanic!!
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07/25/06 5:41 PM GMT
I see I was here once before but this deserves another comment...there's no mistaking the evil within...colors and images used perfect for this portrayal...excellent but very scary.:Pat.
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Those who throw dirt are sure to lose ground.
07/26/06 7:25 AM GMT
amazingly creepy. I love it.
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09/10/06 6:14 PM GMT
Excellent Heavy Metal album cover material.
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10/14/06 4:15 AM GMT
I dig it .
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Do what you must, love how you want.
12/26/06 1:04 AM GMT
awsome...just awsome
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06/06/07 12:37 AM GMT
HAHA....its been 3 weeks, FINALLY, i found a creepy wallpaper.


we need more creepy stuff to even out the flowers and kittens!
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"There's never any time to do all the nothing you want to do..." -Calvin & Hobbes
11/15/07 7:18 PM GMT
woooooooah.... DUDE! That looks totally WICKED!!!!!!! thats my new wallpaper on my phone, my step dad whould spaz if he saw this! keep up the the radical work. Swordmaster
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life is adventure ,live it to its full potential,do not let it slip away
06/17/13 10:10 AM GMT
Likey! Faved
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