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It is not a great picture but I just couldn't resist the rainbow :)


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08/19/05 11:26 AM GMT
I think this is a wonderful picture! I wanted to see a rainbow the whole time we were there this summer, and never saw one. Lucky you. You captured it well.
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08/19/05 3:15 PM GMT
get closer next time ... and don't bother with that foo-foo raingear .. everybody knows it hampers clear thinking and sharp photography

I'll wait here
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08/19/05 5:48 PM GMT
Gorgeous, I must see this is person! High marks and thanks for sharing :)
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08/19/05 10:24 PM GMT
Actually it's quite impressive. Both of your falls shots have been. I love how this rainbow ends at the rock. I have to ask if you were equally fortunate to get some great night shots of the beautiful lit falls? This one I'll take to my favs. I think it's pretty unique.
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09/09/05 3:57 AM GMT
I wasn't going to click on this, but the rainbow caught my eye just as I scrolled by. Very nice shot.
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09/21/05 6:55 AM GMT
wish i could have been there. great shot!
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10/21/05 3:20 AM GMT
Ah wow that's AWEsome, I never new there were all those gigantic bolders resting down there :) I learned something!
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11/30/05 4:10 PM GMT
Actually I like the fact that the pic doesn't have that damned boat in it...THIS is the way I would like to see Niagra.
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02/18/06 7:27 AM GMT
Roger on the boat. Pure nature. That's the way it should be. Great shot. A little different perspective than others and that's good.
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02/27/06 11:19 PM GMT
It isn't just the water and the beautiful rainbow... it's the birds (seaguls?) on the grassy rock! Who's going to bother them there?! Do they too enjoy the view? Since they seem to be at the end of the rainbow, are they looking for their pot of gold?
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04/03/07 5:36 AM GMT
"It is not a great picture?" Then, what would you call "a great picture", if I may ask? This is awsome. I'm jeolous. It looks better than all Niagara pics I've posted >:(
It's an amazing catch. Be proud my friend...
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03/07/09 6:32 PM GMT
You are to modest, it is definitely a great picture.
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