Highland Cow  

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Uploaded: 02/03/05 10:04 PM GMT
Highland Cow
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highland cow. 300D, sigma70-300apomacro2 iso 800.


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02/03/05 10:10 PM GMT
My father-in-law, of strong Scottish heritage, SO wanted to have at least one of these on the family farm. Never came to be but I'll be sure to send him the image! Wonderfully captured and strangely reminicent of a couple people I know..... na, their teeth aren't that straight.


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02/04/05 12:31 AM GMT
Beautiful animal! I like this beast! He's so cute! Your picture is very good!
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02/04/05 5:41 AM GMT
I never thought I'd say this, but...what a beautiful cow! I've never really seen a good picture of such a cow before, so I'm grateful for your wonderful portrait! Well done! :)
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02/06/05 11:37 AM GMT
Wonderful animal portrait! I've never seen this species before. Didn't know that females had horns. Really nice shot, Pom.
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02/07/05 3:57 PM GMT
Shaggy thing isn't it? Nice close capture. The composition focuses right in on the details in the face.
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I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. Georgia O'Keeffe
02/09/05 8:46 PM GMT
Awesome photo.....Mooooooo re please
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04/08/05 11:43 PM GMT
wow.. what a beautiful animal.. i wasn't aware that even cows can look amazing! i want to pet this animal, it looks so tender and soft..

excellent details on this one and a great close up.. but i wouldn't get too close.. those horns don't look attractive to me :D and the cow has a scared and dreamy look, but it looks angry because of the teeth.. it was time to leave, wasn't it? :))

nice background too, i always love the green ones.. you made a good work with the composition and focusing the cow.

thank you for sharing this image! enjoy :)
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06/14/05 4:18 PM GMT
I love this cow! You've captured it perfectly.
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Don't criticize what you don't understand, son. You never walked in that man's shoes. -Elvis Presley
10/29/05 7:31 PM GMT
Naturally inquisitive creatures like cows are great to you have discovered with this beautiful bovine shot
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12/26/05 3:53 PM GMT
wow! So, this is what cows look like on the other side of the big pond!.... cooooooll... :-]
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May your days be filled with much chikin, less cows and umm....EAT MOE CHICKIN!
03/24/06 7:54 PM GMT
I loverly Highlander
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11/28/09 7:04 PM GMT
These animals are so awesome looking. Great capture! :D
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