Snow Cone, Anyone? RW  

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Uploaded: 08/30/04 11:06 AM GMT
Snow Cone, Anyone? RW
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With permission of mrwarlow, here is an reworked picture of this beautiful landscape :-)


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08/30/04 1:15 PM GMT
Nice Pierre - you've really brought out the good qualities of the original
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08/30/04 10:36 PM GMT
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Always, Mimi
09/02/04 2:59 PM GMT
Very nice. I see what you mean about the contrast; this really pops out at you! Thanks for taking the time to make the image look so great and to teach me a thing or two. :-)
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09/13/05 10:37 PM GMT
Nice re-work from the original! It definitely makes me miss the snow.
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11/11/05 3:11 PM GMT
awesome rework!! Hey, maybe if you aren't busy you could take a look at my galveston tx beach picture. There's just a tad bit too much gray in it. I've been doing some rework on it myself, but maybe you could just take a look at it and give me a few headers possibly? Good job on this picture!
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12/08/05 5:24 PM GMT
very pretty.
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08/23/07 4:17 AM GMT
Now that's quite a rework...
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01/04/09 7:02 PM GMT
I knew that was Alaska. Great rework, much brighter.
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