Château de Montaigle  

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Uploaded: 03/18/07 2:09 PM GMT
Château de Montaigle
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Ruines de Montaigle

Exif: Nikon D70 - Nikkor AF18-200 mm at 29 mm - f 7,1 - 1/200 sec. iso 200


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03/18/07 3:01 PM GMT
Wonderful DOF Pierre... I love the sense of 'mystery' to this shot!...very nicely done!
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03/18/07 3:08 PM GMT
Dark and dreary.......a neat image and invites a story,,can you go inside>?
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03/18/07 4:01 PM GMT
Fantastic Pierre...I get a strong feeling of ambush.
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03/18/07 4:51 PM GMT
Yes, we can visit these ruins. Thanks guys :-)
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03/18/07 5:55 PM GMT
is there a fairytale filter in your PS? which version do you use?
great effect Pierre, and great shot too :o)
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03/18/07 11:24 PM GMT
I almost feel like I am lying in wait with my war party, sizing up this place for an impending attack! I like the lighting very much and I think that and the trees hiding me creates a sense of anticipation. Nicely done.
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03/19/07 1:37 AM GMT
Pieri, not bad. Hard shot to take between all those trees. Nice image.

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03/19/07 4:23 AM GMT
wonderful shot Pierre. Ilove your choice of shooting through the trees
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03/19/07 1:10 PM GMT
Wonderful Pierre, it has a voyeuristic feel about it.
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03/19/07 10:26 PM GMT
Sorry Pierre. By voyeuristic I mean it’s like the viewer is watching from a hidden position. As if his intentions are questionable :-) That makes it a powerful photo.
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There are three colours, Ten digits and seven notes, its what we do with them that’s important. Ruth Ross
03/21/07 1:42 AM GMT
Wow, are we in the Middle Ages yet? This has tons of Atmosphere in it, and, yeah, I feel like I'm lurking in the forest looking for a secret entrance...
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05/06/07 7:55 AM GMT
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmagnifique !!! Beautiful just beautiful! I could sit there for hours and just quietly sit and dream. Looking thru the trees like this just enhances the castles beauty!! Verena
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