The free fence  

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Uploaded: 04/15/08 4:49 PM GMT
The free fence
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My second contribution to noahnottÂ’s initiative. Thanks to him and to CanoeGuru for this new image
Reworked on PS.
I changed the sky to give a special 'polarizing' effect.
I deleted the lens flare.
I played with the color saturation tools.


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04/15/08 5:54 PM GMT
Oh, this looks great Pierre! What did you use to get rid of the lens flare? I thought of trying to clone it out, but was afraid it would look bad. Nicely done :)
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04/15/08 8:19 PM GMT
It looks wonderful!
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Loving my new job!
04/15/08 11:50 PM GMT
Joli paysage et très jolies couleurs,c'est une photo agréable.Nice landscape and very nice colors,lovely and pleasant photo.
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04/16/08 3:39 AM GMT
Excellent travail,Pierre!..Tu as souligné merveilleusement les qualités de la photo originale..!..J'aime bien l'original,mais j'adore ce que tu as fait ..J'ai peu du temps libre,mais je dois apprendre ,moi aussi ,les secrets du photoshop..:)
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04/16/08 7:37 AM GMT
For the lens flare, I use the stamp tool and... many patience... ;-)
Thanks guys!
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04/16/08 8:50 AM GMT
I like the added colour you brought into the fence Pierre. It does add some value and brings that element of Rebecca's wonderful composition to the forefront a bit more. Another visual reference point of interest within. Well done.

And of course, the boost in colours throughout are nice as well. Good colour contrasts.

The lens flare? Wellll ... this might appear to be a strange approach, but it is effective to a degree if you don't wish to spend time cloning ... and instead, spend time mixing colours. Sherree; aka danika pointed me to a tutorial that was aimed at correcting flesh tones ... found here. I extrapolated on the method and employed it in my rework.

If I may be bold, I do like the 'polarized' sky ... very much in fact, just think that the vignetting in the upper right might be better if it was relegated to only the sky and didn't extend to the landscape.

On the positive note, once again, some value added with bringing in some more colour contrast with that element.

Really nice. And Rebecca, of course ... earns a curtain call as well for her original photo. :o)

Thanks for sharing your creative efforts and knowledge with us.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that in using the mixing method mentioned and linked to above, to deal with the lens flare, you do have to make a selection of that area of the photograph and not apply the changes globally.
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04/16/08 2:32 PM GMT
Interesting stuff. I'll try next time. Thanks Les :-)
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04/16/08 9:21 PM GMT
very good work Pierre!
and the photo also is great :o)
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If you have some minutes why don't you come visiting my gallery ?
04/21/08 5:12 PM GMT
A wonderful rework Pierre. I like the polarizing effect. You brought out the blueness of sky & clouds on the horizon superbly. Something I was trying to achieve on my edit of the same image, but lost some of color & detail in the clouds. Shadows & lighting are perfect. Very nicely done.
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05/16/08 6:49 AM GMT
Well, you and I seem to be interested in trees lately...and the thing I like about this photo of yours are the wonderful shadows!! Not only from the trees but the fence as well. It's a most beautifully creative landscape my friend...Verena
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01/06/09 9:15 AM GMT
Very nice summer photo.
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