In the garden  

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Uploaded: 08/11/08 6:15 PM GMT
In the garden
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Taken in Azores Islands - july 08


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08/11/08 7:40 PM GMT
The Azores ... wow. A wonderful contest entry Pierre. I find it fascinating that each lilypad is unique in its own way ... love them curves. You did a great job bringing out the textures of this scene & the pink lily adds a nice contrast. The water along with the reflections take on a dreamy appearance. Excellent capture & best of luck in the contest. :-)
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Best wide-angle lens? Two steps backward. Look for the 'ah-ha'. Ernest Haas
08/12/08 1:26 AM GMT
Very nice composition Pierre. Expertly and most certainly, finely balanced.

Quite a sophisticated image as well. The shapes of the water drops on the pads themselves, then the dark rich browns of the waterplant and their respective shapes formed. Really nicely done ... as there is much to see in this one. Yet, coalesces as a whole to the viewer's eyes.

This is nice. The more I look at it, the more impressed I am.

Caveats? Think I need to give framing/border treatments a rest from my critiques.

However ... (<-- just kidding a bit here /\ ) ... I like the illusion of depth that the drop shadow does provide and your angle of lighting is appropriate given the image ... just thinking simplicity for this one would make it sublime.

Just my humble opinion.

Great work behind the lens, thanks for sharing this one with us and best of luck to you in the contest.
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"One of the virtues of being very young is that you don't let the facts get in the way of your imagination." - Sam Levenson
08/12/08 8:31 AM GMT
Thanks Sherree and Les. I think we will have a very good contest. The 'curves' idea is great :-)
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08/12/08 10:50 PM GMT
Oh PIerre! it's that RED that popped out at me!! Just lovely.
The Azores? How fortunate you were to be able to go there! I like the curves here, these leaves remind me of "PacMan" do you know about that game? They are each shaped just like those leaves. I gotta dig and find a photo to post too....have a couple ideas....thanx for your photo here Pierre. Verena
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Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.
08/13/08 6:14 AM GMT
Hey! Yes! PacMan... I didn't think about that, but your are perfectly right. Thanks Verena :-D
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08/17/08 11:52 PM GMT
Beautiful shot...good luck, Pierre.
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12/25/08 7:17 AM GMT
Nice capture Pierre....
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